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Sugar Plum Ballerinas - Plum Fantastic
by Whoopi Goldberg

Reviewed by S. Spangler (age 8)

Alexandra Petrakova Johnson is a nine year old girl who moved to Harlem, New York with her mother and doesn't want to be there. Her mother, Mrs. Johnson, had her own business in Atlanta, Georgia, but she didn't have any customers, so they moved to Harlem. Mrs. Johnson thinks her business will improve with the move to New York City.

Mrs. Johnson and wants Alex to be a ballerina. Alex wants to be a speed skater, not a graceful ballerina! She wants to move back home until she meets three girls in New York: Epatha, Terrel, Brenda, and the triplets: Jerzey Mae, Jessica and Joann, who make her happy to be living in Harlem. They're Alex's best friends. Then when Alex gets the lead in the dance recital and can't dance, she needs help! Does she learn the routine? Can she learn it in time for the show? Read Plum Fantastic to find out.

Plum Fantastic is book one in the Sugar Plum Ballerinas series. The next book is Toeshoe Trouble which I'm looking forward to reading. I found this book to be really funny. This is a good book for a Mommy and daughter to read together. My favorite part is when she rethinks speed skating as her career.

I like this book because it's about friendship, going to a new school, leaving your friends, being the new girl, compromising and going to a place where you don't even want to be in. I also like this book because Alex solves all her problems. If any child has these problems, this book would really help them. At the end of the book, there is a guide for ballet words. It gives you the definitions of all the ballet words in the story. I found this guide very helpful and amusing. I think everyone who likes dance, has had to move, or has a group of friends would enjoy this book.

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5 Stars = Stars!

Recommended for children ages 9-12

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