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Superhero School
by Aaron Reynolds

Reviewed by S. Spangler, age 8

The main character is Leonard. He is a kid superhero. When his mother told him he was going to a special school called Superhero School, he was very excited. He thought he was going to learn about superhero things. On the third day of superhero school, Leonard was as annoyed as ever. On the fifth day, the teachers were gone. Can the things the class learned help them save the day? Or will the teachers be caught in a cold fate?

This book was "muy excelente!" I read it in just a few minutes and the vocabulary was stress free. If you're wondering:
   • What did they learn?
   • Why was Leonard annoyed?
   • Where did the teachers go?
   • Were they saved?
I suggest you read this book!

My Rating:
Out of a possible 5 Stars = Stars!

Recommended for children ages 4-8

To Purchase:
   • Superhero School at
   • Superhero School at (Canada)
   • Superhero School at Amazon.UK


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