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StorkNet's Bookshelf
The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book
A Survival Guide for Expectant Mothers and Their Families
by Amy E. Tracy

"During my eighteenth week of pregnancy, my obstetrician prescribed bed rest for unexplained bleeding. Having lost my first baby, I was more than willing to put my life on hold if it even slightly increased my chances of having a healthy baby. But as good as my intentions were, I soon learned that lying low was not nearly as easy as it sounded." ~Amy E. Tracy

Nearly three-quarters of a million women each year are prescribed bed rest during their pregnancies. I was one of those women, and like the author of The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book, "I hated feeling like I had no control over my life, and I didn't like relying on others to take care of my family, my home, my work, and me. I felt angry, frustrated, and sad." Bed rest simply wasn't a case of sitting on the couch all day, and my doctors were not very specific with their directions. If The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book had been available during my bed resting pregnancies, I would have felt more in control of a difficult situation.

Author Amy Tracy has used her experience of two bed-resting pregnancies, along with extensive research, to create the best book available on this topic. She interviewed several women who were also prescribed bed rest. Each section of the book is enhanced by quotes from these women who have been there and survived.

The chapters:

1) When the Rx Is Bed Rest
What is bed rest? Why is it prescribed?

2) First Things First
If you're employed at the time bed rest is prescribed, what do you tell your boss? What are the Family Medical Leave Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act? How do you handle or insurance and financial issues? Also included is a resource list for where to go for help.

3) Setting up Shop
In this chapter, Ms. Tracy discusses setting up your "bed rest nest" along with suggestions for being comfortable. She suggests ways to cope with boredom and running your household from bed.

4) When Hospitalization Is Needed
If you require hospitalization, this section will help you survive! Whether your stay is a few days or extended, suggestions for what to pack, how to dress up your room and your mood for comfort, and well as staying connected with your family are discussed.

5) Healthy Horizontal Eating
Nutritional needs are even more important when you're on bed rest!

6) Couch Calisthenics
A lack of activity can produce some undesirable effects. Ms. Tracy discussions what these effects are and what types of exercises or physical therapy can help (IF the doctor allows).

7) Your Partner's Part
Bed rest also affects partners on the sidelines. This chapter is specifically for partners-how they can help and how they can preserve closeness with mom.

8) Siblings in Waiting
Parenting while on bed rest is quite the challenge! Ms. Tracy offers "practical tips for pillow parenting" and how to make bed rest a family affair.

9) Coming to Terms with Confinement
Emotionally, bed rest can be very difficult. Some of the best parts of this chapter are the quotes from veteran bedresters. Ms. Tracy mentions several wonderful ways to keep your sanity.

10) Back on Your Feet?
What happens when bed rest is over? How do you adjust, get your body back and put it all behind you?

Appendix A: Your Bed Rest Checklist
Appendix B: Names, Numbers, and Notes
Appendix C: When to Call Your Doctor
Appendix D: More Helpful Resources and Reading

If you are one of those 700,000 women who is prescribed bed rest this year, please do yourself a favor and order this book! Practically every question on bed rest has been covered with a warm, gentle and honest approach. I wish doctors and midwives would hand out this book when they prescribe bed rest.

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