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StorkNet's Bookshelf
Taking Care of Baby: The Ultimate Organizer for Busy Parents
by Caroline Keller and Andrew Lottmann
Foreword by Michelle M. Pepitone, M.D.

New parents Caroline Keller and Andrew Lottmann are like millions of other new parents - a little anxious, eager to be conscientious, and curious about what Zachary did when they were apart. One evening, Zachary developed a fever so they phoned the night nurseline. She asked how many wet diapers Zachary had had that day in order to determine if he was in danger of dehydration. They realized that they didn't know. From that moment on, they asked their caregiver to keep a daily log. That was the beginning of Taking Care of Baby: The Ultimate Organizer for Busy Parents. Better than the blank sheets of paper the authors originally used, this handy, thorough, and easy-to-use organizer will keep working parents informed of their baby's day and out-on-the-town parents informed of their baby's evening. Just short of being there in person, this organizer and journal will help parents stay close and informed.

Above all, Taking Care of Baby is simple and easy, taking no time at all to fill out. Columns headed by cute icons indicate the times that baby ate, slept, played, and had diaper changes. Caregivers could simply check off the appropriate boxes and then provide more detail in the notes portion to describe what books were read or if baby was fussy or if he squealed with delight at birds in the park. Nothing this simple could be as thorough. The journal also includes important such as First Aid, CPR instructions, a log for immunizations and doctor visits, a page for recording emergency medical information (such as blood type and social security number), and a place for recording all contact information for both parents. Taking Care of Baby allows all this important information to be stored in one place, accessible to all who care for baby. A must-have for any parent, Taking Care of Baby grants peace of mind and is the next best thing to being there.

Caroline Keller and Andrew Lottmann are now calm and confident parents who treasure having a daily record of the time they regrettably spend away from their son Zachary.

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