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StorkNet's Bookshelf
I'm More Than What I Seem
prayers for the journey to self
CD and book based on Prayers on My Pillow by Celia Straus

Words, music and inspiration for girls of all ages, with readings from: Christine Baranski, Meredith Baxter, Annette Bening, Leslie Bennetts, Candice Carpenter, Blythe Danner, Hope Davis, Amy Irving, Dana Ivey, Judith Ivey, Swoozie Kurtz, Debra Monk, Celia Straus, Kathleen Turner, Diane Simmons Williams and others

Is there anything more sacred or tumultuous than the relationship and love between mothers and their daughters? Every woman can remember that one defining moment when she suddenly realized, in a flash of relief, horror and humor, that, "Mom was right! She was right all along!" To quote from one of the passages in the book: "Growing up, all I could think about was trying to prove my mother wrong no matter what she said. Now I'm a mother of three and I understand that she was right most of the time." Karen, Mother, Daughter, TV Producer (pg. 14)

The book and CD by Celia Straus, inspired by the request of a prayer for her teenage daughter, combines all the love, fear, tenderness, regret, and strength of this most special of bonds. The writings themselves reflect the adoration of a mother for her child, but also, a longing for the closeness of babyhood, and the recognition of independence. The knowledge of the elder being passed to the younger is a beautifully crafted and lyrical presentation of wisdom and a mother's love.

The CD is a collection of poem prayers from Celia Straus' book Prayers on My Pillow, read by celebrities and some of their daughters. It is a charming and joyful listening experience to be shared. I listened to them with my little girl. Though she is only two and a half, she sat quietly in my lap, listening and stroking my hand. She may not have understood all the words, but the power of the message is in the resonance of the lessons learned through the generations.

My favorite quote is the following: "Without even knowing it, my daughter adds a special light when she enters a room." Jo-Ann, Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Retired Teacher. (pg. 18)

This book and CD are a tribute to the most mysterious and loving of bonds, and all the love and guidance that go into making it so special. And a portion of every sale is donated to Motherless Daughters, an organization that provides support and community to girls who have lost their mothers.

Celia Straus has written "Prayers on My Pillow" and "More Prayers on My Pillow." She is also one of StorkNet's very honored columnists. Stop by Celia's website and read more about her and her daughters.

CD/Book review by Nancy Gazzola

Additional comments and review

Many of us, as mothers, can remember a time growing up, around the ages of eight to fifteen, when it felt on occasion, that no one understood. Most of us also didn't know that our mother once had those feelings herself. This CD give us the opportunity to let our daughters know that we do understand, and that we are there for them. We understand peer pressure, hormones, growing pains, social anxieties, and that they all play a role in the journey through the teens and into womanhood.

Celia Straus takes the most common concerns among young girls and weaves them into her prayer poems and creates a listening experience to calm, nourish and protect. This CD and book gift is the perfect opportunity to build trust and add communication between yourself and your daughter. Sit and listen to the CD together. Tuck the gift into a basket of other feel good gifts and present it to her as she embarks upon preteen or teen years. Let her know that you understand and that she has you to turn to.

I bought this CD and put it in with my grown daughter's things as she returned to college from Spring break. I don't think any of us are too old for a dose of girl power. I also highly recommend Celia's books. Stop by and read her inspirational column on StorkNet. - Nancy Eggleston

Comments from StorkNet members' daughters:

"I love the CD, the prayers were breathtaking! It is wonderful, the best CD my family owns. It talks about things I need to overcome and changes I am going through emotionally and physically. I would trade the CD for no other. If you ever want to buy a present for a preteen this is an ideal gift (but I suggest girls not boys). I will never forget what the prayers taught me. Again, Thank You.
Sincerely, Jennifer age 11"

"The CD is 'sweet and real'" - Elizabeth, age 8

"I liked listening to it with my mom but now I'm going to listen to it over and over by myself. It made me feel good." - Shannon, age 9

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