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StorkNet's TLC Calendar
We'll help you give "Tender Loving Care" to yourself, your family, your home, your friends, and your marriage!

March 1, 2013: HEALTH TIP - Breast Self-Exam
At the same time each month, check for any changes in the normal look or feel of your breasts. If you are not menstruating (due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or hysterectomy), choose a day of the month and consistently check - such as the first day of the month. For information on how to do a breast self-exam, please visit our Breast Self Exam page.
March 1, 2013: PAMPERING TIP - Creating a Private Retreat
Is your bedroom cluttered with magazines and junk? Is a TV the focal point? Turn your bedroom into a private retreat designed to help you relax, forget about the world and sleep comfortably. Get rid of the TV and junk. Paint the walls a pleasing color, add candles and a plant or two. Keep your favorite reading materials neatly organized by your bed so you can enjoy some quiet reading time before turning in. If there is room, add a cozy chair with a comfy afghan or quilt. Make this area the last place you want to see when you go to sleep at night.
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March 2, 2013: COUPLES TIP - Picnic for two
After the kids go to bed, spread out a blanket on your living room floor or backyard and have a picnic for two. Have wine or sparkling water in fancy glasses, light a candle, and share a picnic meal. Talk about your dating days and all those terrific things that made you fall in love!
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"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." ~James Gordon, M.D.
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March 4, 2013: PARENTING TIP ~ Poison Prevention Awareness Month
March is Poison Prevention Awareness month. Is your home poison-proofed? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Children can get very sick if they come in contact with medications, household pesticides, chemicals, cosmetics, or plants. This can happen at any age and can cause serious reactions. However, most children who come in contact with poison are not permanently harmed if they are treated right away." To learn how to poison-proof your home, visit the Florida Poison Information Center's How Safe Is Your Home? This is too important to ignore!
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March 5, 2013: HOME CARE TIP - Wash Those Hands!
According to Walking Magazine, "A clean kitchen may be as important as a flu shot. Be sure to wash your hands both before you begin preparing food and after you have touched raw foods that require cooking or any unsanitized household objects."
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National Write A Letter Of Appreciation Week ~ March 1-7 ~ Send a letter expressing your gratitude to others, acknowledging the goodness that we find all around us. Say thanks, share a laugh, pass on a friendly smile.
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March 7, 2013: HEALTH TIP - National Nutrition Month ~ Are You Eating Right?
It's National Nutrition Month so take a look at your eating habits. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? Are you feeling energetic? Visit our Nutrition for Two, Nutrition For You Guide for loads of important nutrition information.
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March 8, 2013: PAMPERING TIP - Just Say No!
Learn to say no when it's appropriate. Most of us keeping saying yes and filling our plates too full. Saying no is difficult for many people but saying it when necessary is doing yourself and the person asking a big favor. You'll be taking care of yourself AND your family by just saying no!
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March 9, 2013: COUPLES TIP - How Do You Say . . .
How do you say "I love you" in other languages? French: Je t'aime. Spanish: Te amo. German: Ich liebe dich. Italian: Ti amo. Greek: S'agapo.Japanese: Ai shite imasu.
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"The truth is that there is nothing noble in being superior to somebody else. The only real nobility is in being superior to your former self." ~Whitney Young
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March 11, 2013: PARENTING TIP - Tear Free Shampoos
When you're washing baby's hair, apply a coat of vaseline on baby's eyebrows (and eyelids if s/he'll let you!). The water and shampoo will run to the sides of baby's face and away from his/her eyes thanks to the vaseline!
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March 12, 2013: HOME CARE TIP - Fabric Softener
If you use liquid fabric softener, go easy with it when you wash your towels. If you constantly wash your towels with lots of fabric softener, they will eventually lose their absorbancy. Softener sheets that you toss into the dryer are better for your towels.
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March 13, 2013: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS - Mental Retardation Awareness Month
March is Mental Retardation Awareness Month. Many communities have ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens) thrift shops that accept donations of clothing, furniture and other goods. Check to see if you do have a local store and then call to donation items you no longer need. You'll be benefitting your local retarded citizens and cleaning out your closets in the process.
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March 14, 2013: HEALTH TIP - Fat Free Doesn't Equal Calorie Free
According to the American Dietetic Association, "For those of you who must reduce your fat intake, the variety of fat free foods available help make eating more enjoyable. But fat free doesn't equal calorie free." Other ingredients are added when fat is removed so often times, the calorie count may even be higher than the item's fat added counterpart. Read labels, watch your serving sizes, and choose wisely.
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March 15, 2013: PAMPERING TIP - Optimism Month
March is Optimism Month. For many people, optimism doesn't come naturally. Try to consciously practice optimism this month. You'll be amazed at how you'll find more happiness and serenity by choosing to be optimistic!
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March 16, 2013: COUPLES TIP - Loving and Sexy Notes
Leave notes for each other with loving (or sexy) messages. Choose frequently seen places, like the fridge or bathroom mirror, or unexpected places, like the briefcase, wallet, or sock drawer. Update the messages every week. A faded sticky note on the fridge might send the wrong message. Have a secret stash of funny, romantic cards. When your partner travels for work, smuggle an inscribed card into the suitcase. Tip courtesy of FeatureSource's article, Tips to Keep Your Romance Sparkling, reprinted on our Exploring Womanhood website.
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"Those who are mentally and emotionally healthy are those who have learned when to say yes, when to say no, and when to say whoopee!" ~Willard S. Krabill
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March 18, 2013: PARENTING TIP - Do your child's shoes fit properly?
Little Feet Keep Growing! Your child's feet never seem to stop growing. When was the last time you checked their shoes to make sure they still fit properly? Check here for a handy size chart that prints out so you can measure those little feet.
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March 19, 2013: HOME CARE TIP - Watering Your Plants
Here's a tip from my mother-in-law. After you make pasta, save the cooking water. After it's cooled down, use it to water your house plants. They love the starch in the water, and you won't be wasting water.
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March 20, 2013: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS - Help Someone See Month
Help Someone See Month ~ Donate used eyeglasses for distribution in Third World countries. Stop by your local LensCrafters. They often have drop off points for used glasses. Or visit to learn more about helping someone see.
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March 21, 2013: HEALTH TIP - Calorie Myths
According to the American Dietetic Association, "3500 calories equal one pound, to gain or lose, you need to add or subtract 3500 calories. The reason most Americans get in trouble with weight is two-fold, we eat large portions and burn very few calories. To turn your calories around pull out the Food Guide Pyramid and plan your choices accordingly. Next set-up a regular physical activity program - walk, swim, jog, or do something aerobic most days of the week. When you change calories in and calories out, your weight will also change."
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March 22, 2013: PAMPERING TIP - One Small Thing
Do one small thing TODAY to improve your health. It could be drinking 8 glasses of water, cutting back on caffeine and/or sugar, reducing your stress, or exercising, etc. Taking care of your health is the most important pampering you can do for yourself AND your family.
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March 23, 2013: COUPLES TIP - Celebrate Spring
Here's a tip from author Mimi Doe. Celebrate the first day of Spring by having a picnic--even if you're dining on a blanket in the living room. As the sun goes down, light lots of candles, turn up your favorite music and dance together to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Read our interview with Mimi Doe, author of In Busy But Balanced in which Mimi suggests ways parents can unravel the chaos of everyday routine and create a spiritually nourishing environment.
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"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." ~Henry J. Kaiser
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March 25, 2013: PARENTING TIP - Sanitizing Baby's Toys
Babies LOVE to put things in their mouths, then drop them on the floor and put them in their mouths again. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends disinfecting toys in a mild solution of 1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon water. You'll need to wash the toys first in some soapy water (dishwashing liquid will work). Then drop the toys in the bleach solution for about 5 minutes. Rinse well and let air dry. Of course, you won't want to do this with toys that have metal on them as the bleach will cause a chemical reaction that will most likely ruin the toy.
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March 26, 2013: HOME CARE TIP - Flipping that Mattress
Do you remember the last time you turned your mattress? According to the Better Sleep Council, you should turn and rotate most mattresses twice a year so that the wear and tear is even throughout the mattress. However, not all mattresses should be turned. It's important that you check with your retailer when you buy your mattress or look for instructions on the mattress itself. Write a note on your calendar when it's time to turn and/or rotate or write the date on a piece of masking tape and stick to the mattress. Good mattress care helps promote a better night's sleep.
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March 27, 2013: RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS - Give your Spring cleaning clothes to charity
Spring cleaning closets . . . Since you're working on your Spring cleaning, clean out your closets and drawers. Give all the clothes that no longer fit or you haven't worn in a year to your favorite charity. Be sure to do the same with your children's closets and drawers.
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March 28, 2013: HEALTH TIP - Eat Your Veggies
You know Mom always told you to eat your veggies but she had a good reason. If you increase your daily intake of fruits and veggies to eight to ten, plus reduce your fat intake and eat low-fat dairy products rather than full fat, you could reduce your risk of heart disease by 15% and your risk of stroke by 27% according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Prevention Magazine recommends that you follow the 50-50 rule by filling half your plate with produce and then divide the other half between grains and protein so that you'll get twice the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that the veggies provide. Listen to your Mom!
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March 29, 2013: PAMPERING TIP - Shampoos
How long have you been using the same shampoo? If your hair is looking dull, change your shampoo or conditioner. Making a switch every two to three months will prevent dullness and keep your hair looking shiny and fresh.
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March 30, 2013: COUPLES TIP - Pamper Me Day (Night?)
We have a day each week devoted to pampering mom but how about pampering your mate? Prepare a "pamper your mate" session complete with a hot soaky bubble bath, candles, glass of wine or other favorite beverage (a nice cup of relaxing herb tea?), back rub, foot massage with peppermint lotion, shave his face (if he'll let you) or her legs (if she'll let you), and spoil your mate. You'll both love it.
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"Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness." ~Shakti Gawain
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