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StorkNet presents . . . Celia Straus'
Prayers On My Pillow > Columns > Celia Straus ~ Prayers on My Pillow

StorkNet is very pleased to present affirmations and articles by Celia Straus, writer and speaker on adolescent self-esteem and spirituality.

Celia Straus is a writer and speaker on adolescent self-esteem and spirituality. While balancing both her family and career, Celia Straus faced the challenge of instilling confidence and self-worth in her then thirteen-year-old daughter, Julia. She tried talking with her, but noticed that there seemed to be new barriers to overcome every time they did talk. Then one day, Julia asked her mother to write a prayer to help her get to sleep. Celia says, "Each day thereafter, whether we had had a chance to talk or not, I wrote a prayer for her to pray before she went to bed."

This collection of heartfelt verses became Prayers on My Pillow: Inspiration for Girls on the Threshold of Change. Also a screenwriter, with over 150 top professional awards, she lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two daughters.

StorkNet is very grateful to Celia for her daily spiritual parenting affirmations and the inspirational columns she has shared with us. Stop by Celia's website and read more about her and her daughters. Visiting her website is like taking a journey through her heart.

Celia's Articles & More:
• Baby Songs
• More Songs for Babies - Celebrating "My Firsts"
• Being in the Moment
• You've Gone Too Far Away From Me
• The Right Question
• Truth and Integrity
• Acceptance of Our Adolescent Children
• The Simple Connections Work Best
• Answering Our Children With Words that Heal Us All
• Moment to Moment
• Right Here, Right Now
• The Price of Admission
• Laughter - Your Key to Balance
• The Power of Your Words
• Creating Sacred Space for You & Your Children
• From Grieving to Healing
• Exploring Our Womanhood Through Our Love
• Celia's journey through breast cancer

Celia's Bonding Series:
• The Practice of Bonding
• Bonding With Love
• Bonding With Story
• Bonding Moment by Moment
• Bonding While Building Resilience in Our Children
• When Duct Tape Won't Bond, Try Resilience
• In Wartime: Opportunities for Families to Find Common Ground


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