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StorkNet presents . . . Celia Straus'
Prayers On My Pillow > Columns > Celia Straus ~ Prayers on My Pillow

Celia Straus


The night that you were born, as the clock struck seven
You came into the world, a gift from heaven
nd all the nurses laughed, for your face was smiling
To be here on this earth and be so beguiling
They say your dimples were where the angels kissed you
As tokens of their love and to show they'd miss you
And you were blessed with life, a new soul parting
The night that you were born, purest love just starting.

I touched your downy cheek and called you mine
Looked down upon your face; saw the Divine
Small hands curled tight against each perfect ear
Intense grave eyes asking, "What's happened here?"
For months your world had never ceased to move
Who wrapped you tight in sudden solitude?
Awake, alert, you reached serenity
And I was humbled by the joy you brought to me.


I know it's not what you have planned
With each first step, you often land
In great surprise back on your seat
Yet brave and bold, you do not mind
But get back up and start again
One baby step and then one more
Tada! You've walked across the floor.

How proud I am and how proud you must be
When holding tight you stand in front of me
Until just now you've been afraid you'd fall
Why walk when you can get there in a crawl?
Today's brave heart throws caution to the wind
To see the world from a much higher place
You sense that you must walk before you race
There's such anticipation in your face.

Step by step
Around the room you go
Trailed by more love
Than you will ever know
How wise the precious soul
Within your perfect being
To teach you step by step
What we call living


We made a soap boat bob through the waves
We found your toes in bubble bath caves
And when by mistake you got suds in your eye
We rinsed it away before you could cry.

So chilly and slippery with bumps of a goose
We wrapped you in towels like a little papoose
Warm clean little bundle held tight in my arms
A moment of delicious delight in your charms.

My littlest angel is getting a bath
With a halo of bubbles
Weightless and free
A radiant cherub smiling at me.

My littlest angel is getting a bath
Each droplet of water
A heavenly pearl
Rolls down the skin of my sweet baby girl.

Your rubber ducky paddles fast and far
Chased by the Wash Cloth Monster on my hand
Will he be saved by Sponge Bob's soapy bar?
Hide beneath the bubbles before I land?
Oh No! Wash Cloth Monster's gobbling up your toes
But don't be scared he's trying to make you laugh
And by the time he's kissed your sweet wet nose
Even rubber ducky wants a bath.


When first you felt the sun upon your face
Made welcome by the breeze's warm embrace
You smiled up at the sky as if to say
Why thank you God for my first summer day.

Through your eyes I took joy in each new flower
In your small hands each blade of grass was new
With you I took delight in rain's soft shower
The birds sang so much sweeter being with you.

Your playroom changed as summer gardens grow
Your green sprouts turned to bean plants in a row
The cricket and the earthworm were your friends
The fireflies turned on at your day's end.

You are a child of summer
A blossoming flower
The bird' first song
At the waking hour
The first drop of rain
On new green leaves
The first ray of sunlight
Filtered through trees
A white butterfly
Carried by the breeze
A cherry pop cycle
Out of the freeze
All Nature's beauty
Each color and hue
Summer perfection
Reflected in you.

Barefoot baby steps from porch to tree
Sandbox digs and wading pools were fine
Each time you took my hand and smiled at me
I knew your summer firsts were firsts of mine.


How excited you were your first Halloween night
When together we went trick or treat.
On porches the pumpkins all glowed very bright.
Ghosts and witches passed us by on the street.

You were certain your mask would scare one and all
Your costume would cause great alarm
As we went door to door you would sing out your call
"Trick or treat!" and they'd melt from your charm.

The littlest prankster, you wanted to stay
In your costume when bedtime had come
And I have to admit that I gave you your way
From the joy I felt sharing your fun.

First you were a pumpkin carried by a scary troll
Second a baby pioneer in the cart our dog would pull
Next the fuzzy lamb for your sister's Little Bo Peep
Fourth the chocolate cookie for Cookie Monster to eat
But then you said, "No, no! I'm tired of being a prop"
And this Halloween your own costume is exactly what you got.


Now you started looking for
Another who you could adore
Someone to tell your secrets to
To share your room the whole night through
A joyful always playful friend
Who'd never want the game to end
You didn't care about the kind
As long as it could read your mind.
You weren't concerned about the size
As long as it made you feel wise.
A child, so innocent so small and yet
Your heart was ready for your first pet.

You loved her more than any toy.
You gave her your whole heart.
She'd greet you with a bark of joy.
You never were apart.

I'd find you sleeping nose to nose.
You'd share each other's snacks.
She loved to lick your baby toes.
You loved to pat her back.

I wondered at your trust in her
But then I saw the light
You and your dog were similar
Two souls so pure and bright.


This Christmas first reflected through your eyes
From star-topped tree swirled round with angel hair
To Santa Claus filled each day with surprise
For babies, too, sense magic in the air.

When you in wonderment heard carolers sing
Or found a candy cane within your reach
Wore round your wrist some jingle bells to ring
My soul could not learn all you had to teach.

You found great joy in moments large and small
The bows and wrappings strewn about the floor
Were just as lovely as the garlanded hall
Watching your delight made my heart soar.

I will not let your Christmas firsts be wrapped away
The gift you are makes Christmas every day.

A Christmas Day visit to family and friends
Through landscapes frosted in white
Angel child newly born
Purest love sure to warm
Every blossoming heart with your light.

What were you thinking when you sat on his knee
It wasn't, "Please Santa, here's what to give me."
I'm sure you were clueless as to why you were there
Surrounded by red fleece and curly white hair.


One candle, one cupcake, one wonderful year
One face smeared with frosting and crumbs ear to ear
One summer, one winter, one autumn, one spring
One can't imagine the joy that you bring.

One day a newborn so fragile and small
One day a baby just starting to crawl
One tiny tooth in one perfect smile
One wishes that you could stay one for a while.

What words can express?
What party will do?
For this first celebration
Of a birthday for you
What toy is appropriate?
What plaything just right?
For a baby who most always
Sleeps through the night.

What lengths do I go to?
Without going off the charts
For a present befitting
How you captured our hearts
How long would it take
To craft such a thing
That equals each moment
Of love that you bring.

Alas I surrender
Nothing more I can say
But hold you close to me
On this special day.


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