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StorkNet presents . . . Celia Straus'
Prayers On My Pillow > Columns > Celia Straus ~ Prayers on My Pillow

More Songs for Babies - Celebrating "My Firsts"
By Celia Straus

First Bath
What are you feeling? - What do you think?
As you take your first bath in our kitchen sink.
Perhaps you remember a few months ago
When your watery world was gentle and slow.
Now two loving hands help you to float
Successfully launching a new baby boat.

First Steps
See how proud you are because you know
How quickly life improves when you can walk
Crawling's fine for starters but it's slow
Like crying for things before you've learned to talk.

First Summer
Here's a first summer day
With you on display
The look on your face
Revealing God's grace
Smiling wide with delight
At the first glorious sight
Of Nature's bright colors and patterns of light.

First Christmas
A baby angel sent with infinite love
Far more than any gift beneath the tree
As perfect as the purest whitest dove
My Christmas miracle for all to see.

Your first photo
In a stocking cap
Wrapped like a papoose
Wearing a bracelet
So young but wise
I see God's love reflected in your eyes.

First Pet
First pets can be patted and pushed
Their hair can get matted and mushed
They sleep on your bed not their mat
They eat what you're fed and like that
They grow as you grow every day
They learn what you know in their way
This moment forever transcends
Your time together as friends.

First Halloween
A baby trickster dressed for the night
Surprise in your eyes
Fear mixed with delight
Each time the door opens
Strange faces are there
Harry Potters and Zoros
A witch with red hair
Your little world is suddenly strange
You probably think it's a permanent change.

First Birthday
Look at you
Frosting on your face
You haven't a clue, of course
Why we celebrate
The best year of our lives
There is no birthday gift
That equals you
You taught us how to love


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