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The Dollar Stretcher
by Gary Foreman > Columns > The Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher Tips - March 11, 2010

Skin and Shaving Care
A while back I read a tip in your newsletter to use a 50/50 glycerin and water mixture for very dry skin. I mixed glycerin and water in a small spray bottle and added a few drops of jojoba oil for extra moisturizing. I've been using it daily, and it works great. The other night, when I discovered I was out of shaving gel, I spotted the bottle and decided to try it. It was the best shaving product ever! The razor stayed very clean, the shave was close, and my skin was extra soft afterwards. I'll never buy shaving gel again. You do need to shake the bottle each time you spray to mix the jojoba back in! ~Lacey

Restaurant Supply
For most cleaning, including as a substitute for paper towels, I use 100 percent cotton dinner napkins that a restaurant laundry sold me cheap 15 years ago because they were a little worn. I save up a laundry load and put in a little bleach to sanitize or dry them in the dryer to sanitize. ~Karen in Seattle, Washington

Substitute for Fabric Softeners
I had severe allergy problems and found that the fabric softeners on the market only agitated them more! My dentist told me how they had to stop using softeners and added good old vinegar to the rinse cycle. I have been doing this for several years and don't have a problem with items I put in the dryer. Also, I never "over dry" items as that only causes shrinking and the materials to wear faster. On some items, if I leave them slightly damp, I do not have to iron them when they dry. ~Lorraine

Roofing Mold
To get rid of moss on your roof and keep it away for several years, apply baking soda fairly heavily, making the roof appear whitish. Leave it there and watch the moss disappear. It may take some time to work. The baking soda soaks into the shingles and changes the pH making it inhospitable for the moss. You can also use this trick on wooden decks and concrete porches, patios, and steps. You may want to use a sifter to apply the baking soda more evenly. ~Janet H.

Softening Line Dried Clothes
I hang my clothes out on a clothesline, but my family does not like the rough feeling of towels and their clothes being stiff. To remedy this problem, once the clothes are dry, I put a fabric softener dryer sheet with the clothes in my dryer and fluff the clothes for five to ten minutes. The clothes come out soft. My family is much happier! ~Susan B.

My Snack Trail Mix
My three kids are notorious for leaving a handful of cereal, mini-pretzels, crackers, etc. in the bottom of a bag, which is usually not enough to make a serving for the next person. Instead of throwing away the bag, I bought a glass canister and place the "leftovers" in there to make a homemade trail mix. The kids love it! I send the trail mix as a school snack a few times a week, which really cuts down on the amount of snacks I have to buy for school lunches. ~Michelle L. in Philadelphia, PA

Make-Up Remover
I use baby wipes to remove eye and facial makeup. This is a lot cheaper than buying eye makeup removal pads or wipes specifically packaged to remove makeup (I can't tell the difference anyway). Another eye makeup removal solution is using baby oil and cotton balls. The baby oil will nicely moisturize the eye area. And, all of the items can be found in dollar stores. ~Barbara

Savings "Stash"
My husband and I have recently begun a new gimmick and it's working! Every time we find some coins, get an unexpected windfall or rebate, or walk instead of use the bus or taxi, we stash the savings. Remember all you saved when you stopped smoking? In a few months, we accumulated a few hundred dollars. It really works. ~Alene

Financial Warning
I would warn someone who has had a windfall to be cautious of people who claim to represent personal financial companies that want to "help" him or her adjust to this new windfall. This representative approaches the person with a smile and asks him or her to fill out a form with all the private details of his or her financial life in order to "help" the person avoid getting caught in a scam. Do not provide anyone with any personal details of your financial life, especially right after a windfall and especially to a person whom you only know casually.

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