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The Dollar Stretcher
by Gary Foreman > Columns > The Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher Tips - July 28, 2011

Fancy Clothes Hangers
I wrap plastic grocery bags around the ends of my clothes hangers so I don't get hanger marks on the shoulders of my clothes. It beats buying padded clothes hangers. ~L.

Here in Florida, we have had a terrible time with all the mosquitoes, despite all efforts to eliminate through community spraying. Then a friend told me to try something, and it works for me! Simply pour Listerine® into an empty spray bottle and spray your vulnerable areas like your neck, arms, hands, etc. ~Anne M. in FL

Spray Sunscreen Saver
We love to use the spray sunscreen while on the beach to avoid getting sandy. In order to save money, we use sunscreen lotion before hitting the beach so we have a good layer and use the spray strictly for reapply. ~Tracy M.

Saving Time
Before I go to the doctor, I call to see if they are on schedule. If they are not, I ask them what time they think would be a good time for me to come in. This is especially good if you have children. ~Carolyn

Chasing Fruit Flies
I worked at a bar where fruit flies were a problem. We put a small amount of red wine into a shallow dish, covered it with plastic wrap, and then poked a hole into it. This "fly trap" worked so good that it had to be changed every couple of days. ~Arturo

Starting Tutoring Home Business
I have been tutoring as a business for 15 years, and I have learned that the best resource for students is simple word of mouth. Take the time to create relationships with teachers at schools. And tell everyone everywhere what you do. I have gotten many clients from conversations I had with moms in the locker room at the local YMCA. I made flyers, brochures, and business cards and found that these methods were a waste of money. In this field, people are much more likely to go with a personal referral rather than contact a stranger. ~Dianne

Removing Make-Up
I love the convenience of the make-up remover cloths made by many skin care companies, but I don't love the price! I use dollar store baby wipes. I can purchase a pack of 80 for $1. I dip one corner into a jar of cold cream, scooping out about a teaspoonful or less. I wipe some of that over my face and use the rest on my eye make-up. Then I just toss it away. There is no need to rinse. ~Debra L.

Black Belt Birds
I was having a very big problem with birds trying to nest on our small front porch. There were always bird droppings on the porch. I thought of how those fake snakes scare them away. I didn't have one so I took one of my husband's black belts and hung it on the overhang. I have not had any problems since doing this. ~G in New Creek, WV

Stainless Sink Scratches
If you have scratches in your stainless steel sink, buy some car chrome polish and use it per the directions on your sink. This is the same product used to polish chrome wheels, bumpers, etc. Also, a polishing compound can be used. You can usually find this in a department or auto parts store. Sometimes the chrome polish is sold there as well. We recently had a stopped up drain in the kitchen in a stainless steel sink. Due to the various drain openers and acids we used, our sinks were badly discolored and etched. Two uses of the chrome polish saved our sink! A scratch-free, shiny sink is only a little elbow grease and chrome polish away! ~Sherry

Frugal Romance
Here's a tip for frugal romance that anyone can afford, and it's far more romantic than a movie and popcorn! Pack a picnic, go somewhere pleasant, and share a book! Choose something that appeals to both of you, including love poems, humorous essays, a mystery novel, etc. Enjoy your picnic as you take turns reading to each other. If you can't find/afford a sitter, this one even works in your own backyard or on your living room floor after the kids are asleep! Most of us have far too little time in our lives to enjoy a good book, and how wonderful it is to hear one read in that special person's voice! If you can't finish the book, you simply have something nice to look forward to on the next date. ~B.

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