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Pregnancy Complications

Welcome to StorkNet's Pregnancy Complications Cubby

According to Laurie Rich, author of When Pregnancy Isn't Perfect, each year almost 25% of expectant patients will have one or more complications of pregnancy not including c-sections. If you find yourself a part of these statistics, take a deep breath, try to relax, and then learn everything you can about your situation.

What's New
     º High-Risk Pregnancy: Why Me? Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy
Enduring a high-risk pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience of stress, fear and unknowns, leading to more questions than answers. Many of these moms adhere to strict regimes of bed rest, face major changes in lifestyle and relationships, and are subject to dozens of doctor visits and even surgery or medications to protect their unborn children. Through her own experience and research, Author Kelly Whitehead offers these coping tips for surviving a high-risk pregnancy.
     º How the Fastest Growing Pregnancy Complications Are Closely Related
It should come as no surprise that the obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country is having a significant effect on the population of pregnant women. Nearly 70% of all pregnancy complications can be traced to both morbid obesity and diabetes. Learn more from Charles Hux, MD.
     º Success Stories
We have three new success stories to share with you! Have your own story to share? Let us know! [Click Here]

Featured Book
     º Bedrest Fitness DVD
Experts are realizing the importance of exercise during pregnancy as evidenced by the multitude of prenatal fitness DVDs available on the market. But if you're a woman confined to bedrest, what can you do? Darline Turner-Lee comes to the rescue with her Bedrest Fitness DVD.

In the News
     º NIH Scientists Identify Maternal and Fetal Genes that Increase Preterm Birth Risk - Findings Support View of Preterm Labor As Immune Response to Infection or Injury ~ From NIH, February 2010
     º Uterine Infection in Pregnant Women Linked With Asthma in Preterm Infants ~ From The National Partnership for Women & Families, February 3, 2010
     º Gestational Diabetes Risk Tied to First-Trimester Weight Gain, Study Finds ~ From The National Partnership for Women & Families, February 2010

Hot Topic Thread
     º HELLP Syndrome in Pregnancy ~ Have you experienced HELLP Syndrome? Share your experiences with this mom.
     º Did it bother you to be "risked out" of certain birth options? ~ Share your feelings with us.

     º Pregnancy Bed Rest Book Author Interview
Amy E. Tracy, author of The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book and the coauthor of Your Premature Baby and Child, shared her vital information and experiences surrounding pregnancy bedrest by answering questions asked by StorkNet members. Read her interview here. [Click Here]

     º Bedrest Guide ~ We're still looking for input on our bedrest guide! Share your tips and wisdom with us by answering questions on our bedrest survey.
     º Success Stories ~ We're looking for personal success stories to add to our pregnancy complications cubby. Visit our success stories area for information on how to contribute your story.

And Don't Forget
     º Meet our cubby moderator Maribeth Doerr. Feel free to email Maribeth with your suggestions.



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