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The Pregnancy Bed Rest Packet
Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers
By Amy E. Tracy
Author, The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book and Founder, pregnancybedrest.com

Finding Volunteer and Financial Support

Where can you find volunteers to help moms on bed rest? Graduate parents (those who have "been there, done that") are often eager to help current bed-resters. Ask your local hospital's maternal-fetal unit and area ob-gyns and perinatologists for referrals. If your community has a preemie parent support group, you'll probably find some members who have been on bed rest. Also, post notices at pediatrician offices, pediatric rehabilitation clinics, preemie follow-up clinics, and child development centers. Parent groups and toddler programs may also have newsletters where you can advertise for volunteers.

Volunteers don't have to have bed-rest experience, though. If you run a hospital-based program, consider asking senior citizens or a Girl Scout troop to teach a craft class. Empty nesters may enjoy visiting a mom on bed rest and taking her in a wheelchair to the cafeteria or outdoors. Anyone can organize and collect donations for an activity cart and lending library. Ask local religious and charitable organizations if they'd like to get involved.

Financial support can come from individual, corporate, and grant donations as well as fundraising. Affiliating with a nonprofit hospital or organization, or becoming your own nonprofit organization, can be very helpful. A volunteer with a legal or accounting background can help fill out the paperwork. Consider creating a fundraising committee to research and pursue money-raising opportunities. Some helpful books and organizations:

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Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers:
     • Introduction
     • Finding Volunteer and Financial Help
     • Ideas for Supporting Moms (and Their Families) on Bed Rest
     • Resources for Caregivers
     • Support Groups for Families on Bed Rest
     • Starting a Lending Library
     • Sustaining an Activity Cart


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