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The Pregnancy Bed Rest Packet
Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers
By Amy E. Tracy
Author, The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book and Founder, pregnancybedrest.com

Resources for Caregivers

Antepartum Bed Rest: Case Studies, Research, and Nursing Care by Judith A. Maloni, PhD, RN (AWHONN, 1998) (awhonn.org; 1-800-673-8499)
Includes a history of bed rest treatment, a summary of aerospace research on bed rest in nonpregnant populations, a summary of research on bed rest during pregnancy, adverse side effects of antepartum bed rest, recovery from bed rest, and nursing interventions. Nurses can obtain continuing education credits from reading this book.

Antepartum Bed Rest: The Price by Judith A. Maloni, PhD, RN
A 30-minute video conveying the emotional and physical toll placed on mothers and their families during pregnancy bed rest.

High-Risk Pregnancy: Coping with Multiple Birth by David Garrigus Productions (davidgarrigus.com; 877-821-5326)
A 15-minute video following an expectant mother and her family as they experience high-risk pregnancy, bed rest, and a tour of the NICU.

Pregnancy Bed Rest Reading Room: pregnancybedrest.com
Created by the author of The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book, this site offers articles, handouts for caregivers, and a support group e-mail list.

Pregnancy Bed Rest Web (Dr. Judy Maloni's website)
Judith A. Maloni, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate professor at Case Western Reserve University's Bolton School of Nursing, is one of the leading researchers on pregnancy bed rest. Her Web site includes helpful resources for professionals as well as families.

Antepartum Doula Certification Program / Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) (888-MY-CAPPA)
The CAPPA certified antepartum doula has extensive knowledge and training in the area of high-risk pregnancy support.

Sidelines National Support Network: 888-447-4754

  • Professional Packet
    Sample of Left Side Lines Magazine, 15 brochures, additional information for patients, and articles about Sidelines

  • High-Risk Unit Binder
    Designed exclusively for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, or for homecare professionals; includes hard-to-find high-risk pregnancy information; plastic protected pages for frequent use

  • Sidelines Brochures
    Information about Sidelines and high-risk pregnancy

  • Left Side Lines Magazine
    A magazine about high-risk pregnancy useful for doctors, hospitals, midwives, case managers, and home healthcare companies to provide to patients

March of Dimes
For product catalog: 800-367-6630
A wide selection of perinatal resources for professionals and families; many in easy reading levels, Spanish, and aimed at teens.

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Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers:
     • Introduction
     • Finding Volunteer and Financial Help
     • Ideas for Supporting Moms (and Their Families) on Bed Rest
     • Resources for Caregivers
     • Support Groups for Families on Bed Rest
     • Starting a Lending Library
     • Sustaining an Activity Cart


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