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The Pregnancy Bed Rest Packet
Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers
By Amy E. Tracy
Author, The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book and Founder, pregnancybedrest.com

Sustaining an Activity Cart

Anyone who has been on bed rest knows it's anything but restful. There's just too much time to think and worry, and those TV shows can get really boring. Staying busy can help pass the time. Many hospitals have carts or closets with materials to keep high-risk mothers occupied, but it can be difficult for busy caregivers to replenish supplies. Volunteers can help by soliciting donations from businesses, organizations, and friends. Here are some suggestions.

High-demand items:

  • Handwork and craft supplies. Many of us have slightly or never used craft kits and sewing supplies sitting in our drawers and closets. Ask for donations from members of organizations you belong to (e.g., the PTO, church or synagogue groups, or your book club). Craft supply stores may also donate clearance items.

  • Toiletry Items. Those little soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and lotions that you bring home from hotels are luxury items to hospitalized moms. Collect from all the frequent flyers you know.

  • Laptop computers. Laptops can be a valuable source of entertainment and support. Computer companies often donate to nonprofits. Make some phone calls: Donations are often given according to the fiscal year, and you may need to write a letter or grant request. Individuals may also donate an old laptop for the tax write-off. Collect those free Internet trial disks, too.

  • Videos/DVDs. Most hospitals have VCRs or DVD players for patient use. Ask your local video retailer for donations, or purchase used videos at discounted prices.

Other ideas:

  • Books on tape/CD
  • Portable cassette/CD players
  • Meditation and humor tapes
  • Handheld computer games
  • Computer programs
  • Toys and books for visiting siblings
  • Small toys (such as fast-food giveaways) for sibling gifts
  • Journals and pens
  • Puzzles and puzzle books
  • Stationery and stamps

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Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers:
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