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What is Bedrest? Chart

The term "bedrest" is a familiar one to mothers experiencing high-risk pregnancies, but they are often confused about the exact parameters of their limitations. Variabilities depend on each mother, the extent of her complications and even on the physician himself. This chart has been developed in an attempt to help mothers and their OB/GYNs mutually to define needs in specific situations. Since variables change during each individual pregnancy, you may wish to make several copies of this chart, to be completed at various states of your pregnancy.

What Can I Do Right Now?


1. Activity Level    
Maintain a normal activity level __________
Slightly decrease acitivity level __________
Greatly decrease activity level __________

2. Working Outside the Home
Maintain my full-time job __________
Work part-time (how many hours?) __________
Work in my home (how many hours?) __________
Stop work completely

Why: ________________________________________________________

3. Working Inside the Home    
Continue doing all housework __________
Decrease housework including:
     Heavy lifting (laundry, moving furniture, etc)
     Preparing meals (standing on feet for a prolonged
        period of time)
     Vigorous scrubbing, vacuuming, etc __________
Do not lift anything heavier than ________ pounds      

Other: ________________________________________________________

Why: _________________________________________________________

4. Child Care
Care for other children as usual __________
No lifting children __________
Have another caretaker watch an active toddler __________
Have permanent caretaker for children __________

Why: _________________________________________________________

5. Mobility
Continue normal mobility __________
Limit mobility (sit down frequently) __________
Lie down each day (how many hours?) __________
Recline all day (propped up) __________
Lie down flat all day (on side?) __________
May walk stairs __________
Stairs forbidden __________
Take a shower/wash hair (how often?) __________
Eat lying down? __________
Eat sitting up? __________
Eat sitting at a table? __________
Sit at computer? __________
Lie down on side to use laptop computer? __________

Why: _________________________________________________________

6. Driving
May drive a car __________
May be a passenger in a car (frequency?) __________
May not ride in a car, except to doctor __________

Why: _________________________________________________________

7. Bathroom Privileges/Personal Hygiene    
May use bathroom normally __________
Should actively avoid constipation __________
May not use bathroom (use bedpan) __________
May shower or bathe _____ minutes each day __________
May shower or bathe every ______ day(s) for
  ______ minutes
May sponge bathe only __________

Why: _________________________________________________________

8. Sexual Relations      
May continue normal sexual relations __________
Should limit relations (maximum times a month?) __________
Should avoid intercourse __________
Should avoid all types of relations which stimulate
   female orgasm

Why: _________________________________________________________

9. Maintenance of Pregnancy    
Should monitor fetal activity _______ hours each day by hand, counting
   movements __________
Should drink wine each day (When? How much?) __________
Should abstain from all alcohol __________
Should limit cigarette smoking (# per day?) __________
Should stop smoking cigarettes __________
Should use monitor for contractions __________

Should take (drug):  _____________________________________________
     _______ times daily, dosage: __________________________________
     Reason: ___________________________________________________
Should take (drug): ______________________________________________
     _______ times daily, dosage: __________________________________
     Reason: ___________________________________________________

Should follow these dietary rules:

     Plenty of: Protein, vegetables, fruits, calcium, other:
     Avoid: Excess salt, excess fats, junk food, spicy foods, other:
     Approximate number of calories a day: __________________________

What Might I Expect In the Future?
  1. Decrease in activity level __________
  2. Limitations on work/stop work completely __________
  3. Decrease housework __________
  4. Need for childcare helper __________
  5. Need to recline bed __________
      Need to stay in bed (total bedrest) __________
  6. Limit driving/stop driving __________
  7. Limit sexual relations __________
      Abstain from sexual relations __________
  8. Need to self-monitor fetal activity __________
  9. Need to use a contraction monitor __________
10. Need to take labor-inhibiting drugs __________
11. Need to have a cervical stitch put in __________
12. Need to stay in hospital for some period of time __________
13. Need to have an amniocentesis or CVS __________
14. Need to have ultrasounds __________
15. Need to visit OB/GYN frequently __________
16. Need to visit to perinatologist (high-risk specialist) __________
17. Need to have alpha-fetal protein levels done __________
18. Need to have a blood sugar screening __________
19. Need to have non-stress tests __________
20. Need to have stress tests __________

If Problems Arise and I Go Into Premature Labor . . .
1. When should I contact my OB/GYN? __________
2. Where will I be hospitalized? __________
3. Where might I be transferred? __________
4. Name of OB/GYN at other hospital? __________
5. Where would my premature baby be hospitalized? __________
6. Could my husband be present at delivery? __________
7. Is there a great possibility of a Cesarean? __________

Hospital Bedrest


1. What position do I have to be in? __________
2. Do I have to use a bedpan? __________
3. Can I reach for things or should I use a reacher? __________
4. Personal hygiene      
     Can I take a shower? __________
     Can I take a bath? __________
     Can I get out of bed to wash my hair? __________
5. Mobility      
     Can I walk the halls? __________
     Can I walk in my room? If so, how often? __________
     Can I sit in the chair in my room? __________
     Can I take a wheelchair to the lobby? __________
     Can I take a wheelchair to the nursery? __________
     Can I take a wheelchair to hospital support group
6. Visitors      
     When can my husband visit? __________________________________
     Can other friends or family visit? ________________________________
     Can children visit? ___________________________________________
     Who may be present in the delivery room? _______________________
7. Consults:      
If appropriate, may I see:      
     a physical therapist __________
     an occupational therapist __________
     a neonatologist (about fetal development) __________
     a social worker __________
     chiropractor __________
     massage therapist __________

Other directions:

This chart was developed by Intensive Caring Unlimited, a Philadelphia/ Southern New Jersey parent support group with a few additions from StorkNet.com. Copies may be made without permission.

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