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"One out of every four pregnancies is considered high-risk. Equivalent to 800,000 to 1,000,000 women each year that face a high-risk pregnancy. Bedrest is the most common treatment for the varying problems associated with high-risk pregnancies," author Mary Ann McCann explains. When bedrest is prescribed, the expectant mom wonders how she will cope with such inactivity, let alone run her household from bed! There are ways to survive bedrest efficiently and comfortably, and StorkNet wants to help. In our bedrest guide, you'll find tips and hints submitted by several of our members who have survived bedrest.

Please feel welcome to participate! Sending us your suggestion indicates your interest in participating and gives StorkNet permission to incorporate your submission into our bedrest project.

Our thanks to Amy E. Tracy, Nancy Eggleston and Jennifer Thompson
for their work on this project!

Select from these areas:

  1. Introduction to Bedrest

  2. Personal Issues
    • Preparing your bedresting area
    • Suggestions for staying comfortable
    • Boredom and how to fix it
    • Personal hygiene and feeling good about yourself
    • Exercise during bedrest
    • Review of Bedrest Fitness DVD
    • Maintaining intimacy with your partner

  3. Home and Family

  4. Working From Home
    • When you've been working outside the home
    • When you've been working at home
    • Resources for insurance issues, disability, FMLA, etc

  5. Inspiration, encouragement and support
    • Members' tips
    • Recommended books

  6. Bedrest and Your Doctor
    • Checklist of questions
    • What if your doctor isn't supportive/encouraging

  7. Coping With Hospital Bedrest
    • What to pack and take with you
    • Suggestions for staying comfortable
    • Boredom and how to fix it
    • Personal hygiene and feeling good about yourself
    • Staying connected with your family

  8. Tips for family members/friends

  9. Information, Resources, and Ideas for Volunteers and Caregivers
    compiled by Amy E. Tracy
    • Finding Volunteer and Financial Help
    • Ideas for Supporting Moms (and Their Families) on Bed Rest
    • Resources for Caregivers
    • Support Groups for Families on Bed Rest
    • Starting a Lending Library
    • Sustaining an Activity Cart

  10. Managing the Many Obstacles of Pregnancy Bedrest

  11. Prescribed Bed Rest--Harmful or Helpful?

  12. The Holidays Are Still a Time of Fun and Cheer--Even on Prescribed Bedrest

  13. High-Risk Pregnancy: Why Me? Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy

  14. Bedrest Does NOT Have to Mean No Baby Shower!


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