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Members' Tips

Try to spend the day on the couch or on a diffrent bed than you sleep in! It helps keeps the days and nights from blurring. Things are way better when you still have a day and night cycle well established! ~Katie

I am currently on bedrest for at least three weeks. I make sure our bedroom always is clean and well aired out. My husband also changes the sheets often, and my daily shower with new great smelling products is a highlight in my day. My husband set up the PC with internet next to my bed, we got cable for a month. I finally get to read some great books, I email a lot and I started knitting again. I also spend time reading and doing puzzles with my 3 year old daughter. My main project however is to type my Dad's autobiography, which he handwrote about 7 years ago. This is something I promised him I would do and I now can actually do it! Visitors also make the days go by faster, I have the hardest time staying positive when I am alone. ~Bettina

I found that the seams of my shorts and pants were adding to the soreness of my hips. That was until I discovered that my spouse's fitted boxer shorts didn't have side seams. I had him go buy new sets for me to wear. I also then realized that most yoga pants too are side-seamless. These have made my long 20 weeks of bed rest that much more comfortable. ~Rhonda

My son, who was 2 years old at the time, helped me trace and cut out ducks from yellow paper. We posted a duck for every week of bedrest I had left. We taped them to the TV stand and removed one each week. It helped to know the weeks were passing and how many I had left for bedrest. ~Libby

Coloring books aren't just for kids! A pack of fine point markers and books like Kaleidoscopic Design Coloring Book, Decorative Tile Designs Coloring Book and many others (try amazon.com) have LOVELY patterns to color. Easy, mesmerizing and meditative... the time just blows right by and you have something gorgeous to show for it after. ~Mary

Start your day with fresh flowers whenever possible. If they grow in your yard, ask hubby to bring some in for you. Open your window when possible and let sunshine and fresh air in. ~Submitted by several StorkNet members

Maintain a positive attitude! This is no longer just about you but your unborn baby as well. Read Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul. ~Melisa

Enroll in online classes. It's amazing how interesting school becomes when there is nothing else you can do. ~Brac

I have milestone parties. My friends make cupcakes or bring in pizza and we celebrate the milestone I met. I will be having my 28 week milestone party. We also had a 24 week milestone pizza/movie party. My next milestone party will be a 34 week party. ~Micah

My best tip to anyone is to do everything you can to stay positive. Most of what is happening is out of your control, but you can control how you react to it and ultimately that helps the baby as well. I counted all the things I had to be grateful for each night until I went to sleep. (The song says "You'll fall asleep counting your blessings.") and I started each day by acknowledging I had made it through so far and needed to get by one day at a time. ~Colleen

I was very hesitant to ask for help, but my mother wasn't. I had several women from church, our neighborhood (though we'd only lived there a couple of months), and other friends helping -- I was on bedrest for 10 weeks with three children under six, so I really did need help. Letting others help was hard, but one friend told me "it's a blessing to ME to help YOU. Do you deny me this blessing?" ~Suzanne

My friends all offered me their favorite inspirational books. It was wonderful because I moved from one book to another and kept a journal in a lovely lined notebook. It kept my spirits up. ~Georgia

Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, jot down five things for which you are grateful. I did that, and it really helped me stay positive and focused on what was good in my life. ~Jen

Play music for your baby, and read out loud to her. I believe she will be born with an interest in music and a love for story time. It doesn't hurt and you'll feel like you are adding a special touch. I did! ~Glenda

Get yourself a wall calendar, crossing off days, then weeks helps you see that the time really is going by, even when it seems to stand still. It helps you see what you've already accomplished and that you really can do it. ~Tina

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