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Working From Home

When you've been working outside the home

I've already been told by my doctor that I will be on "home rest" if not bed rest the last ten weeks or so of our pregnancy due to the twins. I'm an attorney so I've had to scramble to get things set up so I can keep earning some kind of money. I've kept my firm updated on the doctor's recommendations and this seems to help a lot as far as getting everyone to understand what I will and won't be able to do while at home. My husband has volunteered to deliver files back and forth between home and the office, and we have the computer, phone, scanner, and fax machine all set up next to the bed in the guest room, with my law library on the other side of the bed. I've informed all my clients that another attorney will be making court appearances, but that I will keep an eye on their cases. They seem to really appreciate knowing what is going to happen in advance. One thing that we've done is to talk to our credit card company and get an extension of our credit line and reduced our interest rate, that way if I'm not making quite as much during this time, we won't be in an absolute panic. ~Schwartz

Bedrest doesn't mean you can't still earn a living. I was able to work full-time despite being on bedrest the last two months of my pregnancy. Talk to your boss and determine what you might be able to accomplish from home via the internet, email, phone, snail mail, even pickups and deliveries from an officemate and/or your husband. As long as you come to an agreement about expectations, everyone's a winner - you can keep busy and make money, and your employer still gets the advantage of your skills. ~Ann "Dancer"

My office went so far as to reimburse me for installation of satellite internet service to facilitate my continuing to work from home. My husband got help setting up a wireless LAN at home, too, so I can more easily use my laptop in bed. It's a difficult adjustment to make, going from working closely with a team of people all day to working in solitude with only your computer and the phone for company. But I feel like less of a burden on my family being able to still earn an income. ~Dawn

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When you've been working at home

Move your computer into your bedroom so that you can telecommute, if that's possible with your job. I was a teacher when I was on bedrest, so this wasn't an option for me, but the work I do now can all be done from home. ~Jen

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Resources for insurance issues, disability, FMLA, etc

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