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Pregnancy Complications

Meet Our Cubby Editor Maribeth Doerr

Welcome! I'm Maribeth, a veteran of high-risk pregnancy and pregnancy complications. I always believed that little girls grew up to be mothers. If a woman wanted a baby, she had one; motherhood was simply there for the asking. Little did I know how elusive my dream would be. My first pregnancy was complicated by hyperemesis, placenta previa, chorioamnionitis and placenta previa resulting in the premature birth of my son who was stillborn. Three years later, my second son was born nine days overdue and died at 5 1/2 days due to complications of his birth. My third and fourth babies were miscarried.

After 8 1/2 years of trying and four losses, I finally gave birth to Eric at 37 weeks. A complicated pregnancy and placenta previa preceded his planned cesarean delivery. He then went straight to NICU with aspirated amniotic fluid and meconium. He spent a frightening week in the NICU while I went home without another baby. Luckily, he is now healthy and beautiful in every way.

When Eric was 19 months old, Chad came into our world at 36 weeks - our surviving twin. My pregnancy was again complicated by placenta previa and bleeding. David died in utero due to placental insufficiency during the second trimester. Chad, however, only spent seven hours in the NICU and came home from the hospital with me - a precious first experience after six pregnancies.

Despite the losses, the years of wondering if I'd ever get to be a mother, the bedridden high risk pregnancies and NICU stays, my sons were worth every ounce of anguish. I've never known such joy as parenting! I hope by sharing my experiences, I can help you survive the rollercoaster and find the joy that I know. Feel free to email me with your suggestions for our cubby.

Maribeth Doerr

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