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Pregnancy Complications

Gestational Diabetes

Understanding Gestational Diabetes:
A Practical Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Information about diet, exercise, measurement of blood sugar levels, and general medical and obstetric care of women with Gestational Diabetes.
  • Introduction
    • What is gestational diabetes and what causes it?
    • How does gestational diabetes differ from other types of diabetes?
    • Who is at risk for developing gestational diabetes and how is it detected?
    • How does gestational diabetes affect pregnancy and will it hurt my baby?
    • What can be done to reduce problems associated with gestational diabetes?

  • Glucose Monitoring
    • What is self blood glucose monitoring?
    • How often and when should I test?
    • How should I record my test results?
    • Are there any other tests I should know about?
    • How do I test for ketones?
    • When do I test for ketones?
    • Is it necessary to take insulin?
    • Will my baby be healthy?
    • Does gestational diabetes affect labor and delivery?
    • Should I expect my baby to have any problems?
    • Will I develop diabetes in the future?

  • Diet & Weight Gain
    • Why is a special diet recommended?
    • How much weight should I gain?
    • How should I eat during my pregnancy?
    • What food patterns help keep blood sugar levels normal?
    • How do I plan meals?
    • What can be done to slow weight gain during pregnancy?
    • Is breastfeeding recommended?

  • Exercise
    • Should I exercise?
    • What happens if diet and exercise fail to control my blood sugars?
    • Can my blood sugar level go too low, and if so, what can I do?

  • Glossary

Courtesy of the NIH

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