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Pregnancy Complications

Incompetent Cervix

   Diagnosing and Treating Incompetent Cervix by Geoffrey Sher, M.D.
   Calling all moms with an incompetent cervix! ~ Share your experiences with IC and cerclage with us!

Personal Stories
   Debra ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage and preterm labor with twins
   Christine ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage and preterm labor
   Honora ~ developed an incompetent cervix after a D& C and a LEEP procedure. Following a cerclage at 18 weeks and lots of bedrest, her daughter was born healthy at 36 weeks.
   Linda R. ~ hyperemesis, incompetent cervix and preterm labor
   Wendy ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage, HUAM and brethine for preterm labor
   Hey Moms! We need your incompetent cervix success stories. Click here to submit yours!

Web Links
   Incompetent Cervix and Pregnancy Support
   Information about cerclages
   Surgery to Close the Cervix (Cervical Cerclage)


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