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Pregnancy Complications

Morning Sickness ~ Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Morning Sickness Tips

From our viewers, their best tried and true remedies for that dreaded morning (all day??) sickness.

Please remember that these tips are for interest only. They are not intended to substitute for appropriate medical care and do not claim to be the final or definitive word. Information offered here are not necessarily the views or opinions of the moderator and are offered to the viewer as just another source of information or opinion.

diaper pin From Gina . . . This is my first pregnancy and what I've found is that coffee (only one cup) helps to soothe my nausea. I start work at 5 am and that's the only thing around that early in the morning. It does sound kooky, but it works for me.

diaper pin From Tania . . . For morning sickness, the only thing that seems to work for me is scotch mints. For some reason I have a horrible taste in my mouth that make me feel incredibly ill, peppermint is the thing that gets rid of that icky taste.

diaper pin From Carol, mommy to 9 and our 10th due any day . . . Two fingers pressed firmly but gently on the your belly button, just for a minute, it will stop the nausea. Sounds crazy but it works!!! Not just my experience but it has been confirmed to me by several friends, personally and from sharing this over the internet on different digests I belong to. It is also very, very effective for heartburn! I learned this from my sister who was told by a naturopath to do this for nausea and heartburn related to gall bladder problems. It is also a terrific thing to remember when you're in a restaurant and the little guy starts to look up-chucky :-)

diaper pin From Leigh . . . For me here in my third pregnancy the only thing that seems to keep the nausea at bay is chewing a piece of spearmint or other sort of mint gum, the minty flavor helps my stomach to settle when it is especially nauseous.

diaper pin From Sharon . . . I had the dreaded morning sickness for 20 weeks and it was not a pretty picture I can tell you! I found that trying not to think about how horrible I felt and a packet of jatz cracker biscuits helped a lot. Fatty foods and takeaways are a dead no no.

diaper pin From Connie . . . I was sick for the first four months with my first child, so I tried everything from saltines by the bed, ginger-ale to licorice but nothing seemed to do the trick but one thing. Salt and vinegar potato chips! I know that might sound strange but it worked for me. I made sure that we never ran out--actually my husband made sure! Make sure and drink plenty of water during the day to offset the salt in the chips. It made me feel great and I hope it will do the same for someone else.

diaper pin From Krow . . . As odd as it sounds, first thing in the morning.... homemade CHICKEN SOUP. When I was little and sick with the flu, my grandmother would make it, and it always got rid of the queasiness. I found out through trial and error that it also works with morning sickness. THANKS GRANDMA!!!!!!

diaper pin From Alana . . .For two weeks I could hardly keep a thing down. I tried soda crackers, warm sprite, lemonade, herb teas, bread, potatoes, and just about every other thing anyone suggested. Then, on a fluke, I went to a Japanese restaurant and had Miso soup. SURPRISE! It settled me right down and I was so hungry that I ate a full meal after. The next morning, it was back to being sick. I went to the oriental area of my local grocery and found instant Miso soup to test my theory. Now, I have a cup of Miso first thing in the morning and am fine for the rest of the day.

diaper pin From Starz . . . I was sick every day for five months with my daughter. The only things I found to help were Starburst candies, lemon water, and the knowledge that sickness is a good sign that your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to and in time this to shall pass.

diaper pin From Susan . . . I'm expecting baby #2 now and I had completely forgotten how sick I could feel. Apparently the body forgets the agony of morning sickness much like it can forget the pain of childbirth! To be honest, right now I'm thinking the only real cure for morning sickness is Adoption, but here's what is helping me so far:

- sour lemonade, small sips (Snapple is good)
- MacIntosh apples, peeled (they're sour)
- sea-bands
- Pregnancy Tea
- pretzels - keeping a little something in my stomach at all times
- people who remind me that "it's worth it."

diaper pin From Cheryl . . . My theory is that you're nauseous because of the excess acid in your tummy. Food would cure it, but food doesn't even SOUND good when you're that sick. I start out every morning trying to find the one thing that sounds good - if not good, then at least not nauseating . . . I eat that as soon as I can, and I'm fine for the rest of the day. Do this early, though. Once I'm in full morning sickness onset, there's no going back . . .

diaper pin From Traci . . . This is my fourth pregnancy and again I am suffering from this awful feeling. The crackers, ginger ale and lemons just didn't seem to do the trick, so I tried the one thing my mother always gave us when we were sick - Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. I don't know what it is about this tea, maybe the peppermint in it, but it worked for me. About 5 minutes after drinking a few good sips and I was ready to go. It has really helped settle my stomach and allowed me to function somewhat normally. Now if we could only develop a way to alleviate the bathroom plight!

diaper pin From Kristie . . . My father gets seasick very bad. He tried motion sickness wrist bands. They worked so he told me to try them for morning sickness. The nausea went away, and I never got sick. I've told my doctor and my friends. Everyone I have told said they worked for them too. You can get them at most boating stores. It works on the same principal as acupressure.

diaper pin From Sheila . . . I'm pregnant with number 4. I've had morning sickness with all 4 for the first trimester. It's the pits. The only thing that works a little for me, and believe me I've tried them all, is to sniff the scent of a fresh lemon. I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever heard, but it actually does relieve the nausea. I keep a lemon at my side at all times. I've heard they use this for chemo patients, too.

diaper pin From Jodi . . . I'm a full time working mom so, I have to wake up at 6 every morning. I found that if I make myself a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal I usually will not get sick. I've found that if I have something in my stomach, I'm not as queasy! It works for me and I'm on baby #2!!!

diaper pin From Cathy . . . I have had morning sickness since my fifth week of pregnancy. I am now 26 weeks, and it still continues. My two older children take turns bringing me Granny Smith apple juice in the morning. This really helps to settle my tummy since it is a little tart and not as sweet as other apple juices. You will want to sip this slowly though.

diaper pin From the Rakitas . . . I had hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy. This is a condition that gave me 9 months of morning sickness. The only advice that I wanted was usually no advice. Everyone had something to say. I found that if I craved anything, it would help me. But what I found the most helpful was sympathy.

diaper pin From Nina . . . I have found that swimming helps relieve morning or all day sickness. Swimming 30-45 minutes a day also gives me energy for the rest of the day. It is also less strenuous than regular exercise.

diaper pin From DreamSiber . . .Don't eat greasy or fried foods; this only makes your morning sickness worse.....or can even cause it if you were feeling fine before you ate the sinful foods! Avoid spicy foods and stick to good old bland foods. Peanut butter and jelly and chicken noodle soup saw me through much of my first pregnancy. Also even if you aren't hungry, if has been a few hours since your last meal, eat a cracker or piece of bread. Don't allow yourself to become too hungry because that not only causes nausea but it also contributes to those awful pregnancy headaches.

diaper pin From Robert . . . A walk in the fresh air!

diaper pin From Liz . . .When I was pregnant, I found as long as I didn't let myself get too hungry, I could keep the gross feeling away. I would bring a little snack along everywhere I went (not a fattening one). My mother gave me B-6 vitamins, and I think they helped. My doctor said Maalox tablets were safe, and I found they helped ease the nausea. I think not dwelling on things works wonders as well! I really believe the fact that I thought I MIGHT be sick made me feel sick. Good luck everyone!

diaper pin From Christy . . . I had the worst time when it came to brushing my teeth in the morning. I found that using an all natural toothpaste stopped the nausea. I used Tom's of Main but I am sure any one would do the same. It was not as strong tasting as the commercial brands.

diaper pin From Emily . . . My tip for morning sickness is tons of sleep! Go to bed earlier than you normally would and eat a graham cracker before you hit the sack. It has also helped me to set my alarm and wake up at 3:00 and eat a piece of toast or a graham cracker. The most important thing is a quiet dark room (no kids allowed!) to help cure those killer headaches.

diaper pin From Regina . . . What worked well for me and several of my friends is to eat something solid before bed--like a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. It keeps your tummy busy overnight.

diaper pin From Kim . . .I find it helpful taking the maternity vitamins right before going to bed. I was experiencing bad morning sickness before doing this.

diaper pin From Rhona . . .1/2 dose of Unisom every night at bedtime, ginger root capsules, vitamin B-6, Coke syrup

diaper pin From Dana . . . Nibbling on a slice of American cheese (from the deli, not processed) usually made me feel better.

diaper pin From Melanie . . . 1. A great husband to rub your feet and back in the morning; 2. Keeping warm; 3. Ginger root Tea

diaper pin From Amanda . . . Apple juice before I go to bed, and first thing in the morning has worked well for me.

diaper pin From Carol . . . I will say peppermint candy has work for me as well as a spoon of peanut butter.

diaper pin From Margaret . . . Dill pickles (in moderation) and fresh raspberry tea. The tea is also good for other pregnancy difficulties.

diaper pin From Tracy . . . I am on my third pregnancy but this is the first time I have had morning sickness!! Sucking on a lemon is a good trick. Getting plenty of rest. I find when I stay up later the night before, I am sick in the morning.

diaper pin From Michelle . . . Boil 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger in water (put it in a makeshift tea bag first). Add lemon juice and honey to taste. It tastes great and worked for me!

diaper pin From Carol . . . As a mother of a 14 year old, a 9 month old and expecting 1/97, I have found that lemons help. Drinking lemonade, smelling lemons, or just a small taste of lemon will normally calm an upset stomach. Also, laying in bed for a few minutes after waking up and eating one or two crackers.

diaper pin From Kevin . . . plain baked potatoes!

diaper pin From Tracey . . . I know this may sound gross when you're sick but try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (hold your nose while you are doing it), and it will take the nausea away.

diaper pin From Cath . . . Eating chilled fruit salads (especially watermelon), lemon gelatin, plain crushed ice; not allowing anyone to smoke anywhere near me; and holding a hot water bottle behind my back level with my stomach. Leaving my toddler with a baby sitter was the best morning sickness remedy of all.

diaper pin From Richelle . . . I am a registered nurse. I have found that taking Unisom (25mg doxylamine succinate) along with 25mg of Vitamin B-6 has worked great for me. It's better to take a half hour before bedtime, but can also be taken during the day at half dosage. This medication is safe to take during pregnancy according to the OB Secrets Guidebook.

diaper pin From Vicki . . . I am a midwife of 16 years of experience, so these are definitely tried and true. First is ginger. It is known for its "warming" properties, which is why it's great for headaches. But it also is helpful for morning sickness or any kind of nausea. You can drink it as a tea, take capsules, or a tincture. There is a tea made by Traditional Medicinals called Ginger-Aid that is what I recommend. Also Vitamin B-6 (up to 200 mg daily in severe cases, for "short" periods of time) works well, but not with everyone. Someone mentioned mint tea, that is sometimes helpful. The ginger seems to work with the most people.

diaper pin From Sandee . . . My best tip for morning sickness? Sea bands! These are elastic bands with a small half sphere on the inside, which are worn around the wrist. They fit snuggly and put pressure on the tendon located on the inside of the wrist. They were developed by an Englishman who's mother was going through chemo. Check for them at your local pharmacy or dive shop. They help all types of nausea.

diaper pin From Nancy . . . As a first time preggo, I can tell you what worked for me...

  • 1) Tums, Tums, Tums
  • 2) Carbonated beverages (caused me to burp and get rid of that awful felling in my tummy!)
  • 3) DO NOT TAKE PRENATALS IN AM!!! I'm still taking them in the PM after dinner.
  • 4) Saltines, Ritz crackers, etc.
  • 5) The last trimester!

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