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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Amy

With my first pregnancy, my son was born about a month early. When I went into labor at about seven months, the doctor put me on terbutaline pills. That did seem to help quite a bit! But as soon as I was taken off of them, BOOM! I was back in the hospital and soon holding my son in my arms.

My second pregnancy was a bit more complicated, scary, and seriously made me question a lot of things! My daughter was born two and a half months early.

I remember having contractions about six months along. I was put on the terbutaline pills, which helped for a couple of weeks. But, then one night, about 10 PM I started having contractions. I remember laying on the couch, praying that they would stop so that I wouldn't end up in the hospital. The contractions kept coming and getting closer together and soon I was on my way to the hospital. I was given terbutaline through an IV and some other drugs that I don't recall. I do know that I was pretty drugged up and very concerned about my baby! This all went on for about four to five hours. The whole time my doctor never once showed up to check on me. She kept in touch with the nurses by phone.

It was about 3am when I found out that Sioux Valley Hospital was sending a helicopter to the hospital I was in. They had the drug to give to the baby so that it would speed up the development of her lungs, which the hospital I was in didn't have. I remember passing my doctor in the hallway, as I was being moved to the helicopter pad. That was the first time I had seen her since I had been there that night!

I vaguely remember the helicopter ride to the hospital, which is usually a 50 minute drive by car. We were about there when I told the nurse on board that "she's coming!" They told me not to push over and over again, but there was nothing that I could do; she was on her way. My daughter was born in the parking lot of the hospital in 20 degree weather. She was just an ounce under 4lbs.

She spent 3 months in the ICU. It was difficult to see her with all the tubes and contraptions connected to her. It was difficult to bond with her, visiting her in the ICU, thinking that she was more the nurses' baby than mine.

Now my daughter is 4 years old. She has had some medical problems, but nothing that is connected to her being prematurely born. She has been to the Mayo Clinic twice, once for her spleen to be removed and just recently for the removal of her gallbladder.

Today, she is a healthy 4 year old, who has no limitations on what she can and can't do. I thank the Lord everyday for watching over her, especially on the day she was born. I honestly didn't feel very watched over by the staff at the hospital, so I am very thankful to Him.

I'm now pregnant with my third child. I'm 5 months along and I can't help but remember the horrible ordeal my daughter and I went through. I did change my doctor and am quite pleased. I know that I won't carry to full term, but I also know that I am in good hands this time!

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