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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Amy H.

After many years of infertility problems, my husband and I found out we were expecting a little one . . . it was New Years' Eve 1999. What a way to start the new Millenium!

At 13.3 weeks, I was at work and felt fluid between my legs. I thought my bladder had given out. Unfortunately, I was bleeding and heavily. I rushed to my OB's office (I was later instructed that I should have gone to the hospital) thinking I was having a miscarriage. The ultrasound tech rushed me in and found a very wonderful thing . . . a heartbeat! She also discovered that I had placenta previa and a tear in the placenta. Suspecting worse, they put me on bedrest and scheduled an appointment with a perinatologist at 17 weeks. The perionatologist confirmed the ultrasound tech's suspicions. I had a terrible condition called Vasa Previa with velamentous insertion of the cord and had actually had a placenta abruption along with the tear of the placenta. I still had the low lying placenta.

I spent the next few and very long months on bedrest. At 36 weeks we had a scheduled ultrasound. I felt a bit odd, but thought it was the excitement that my "little one" was finally going to be here. When I arrived at the hospital they hooked me up to all sorts of monitors and discovered I was in preterm labor. With Vasa Previa, if your water breaks, it is almost certain that you will lose the baby. Luckily, my doctor came quickly and got my gorgeous son out with no problems. He is now 2 and a half and such a light in our lives! Blond, brown-eyed, always smiling and the most loving child you will ever meet.

Thanks to medical technology and an ultrasound tech who was on her toes that day!!! I will always be in-debted to her! We have since left that area, but I wish I could thank her in so many, many ways for the gift she . . . and God have given us!!!


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