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Our first daughter was born at 33 1/2 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. She was 6 lbs and was able to breathe and eat well, however still had to spend 1 1/2 weeks in the NICU. It was very hard leaving the hospital without her, but she eventually came home in perfect condition and is now 21 months old and feisty as ever.

I was warned that this latest pregnancy could end up in pre-term delivery as well. And it did. At 28 weeks I began having regular contractions that caused me a visit to L&D for a shot of Terbutaline. After 3 more grueling visits to the hospital, several weeks on strict bedrest, and lots and lots of water, I still progressed to 1-2 centimeters, 50% effaced (even with the use of oral Terbutaline every 4 hours). At this point I was 34 weeks pregnant and I was developing hypertension. At 36 weeks, I was told to discontinue the Terbutaline. I was at 3 cm and 60%, the baby was at zero station and I was miserable. However, I made it to 36 weeks and the prognosis was good that the baby would be fine.

One day later, August 9, 2002, I delivered a beautiful 7lb, 2oz baby girl. The pediatrician classified her as "full term" and she came home with us the day I was discharged. All the contractions, the boring bedrest, the swelling and the stress was worth it. Now I have two beautiful girls and I couldn't ask for anything more.


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