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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Heather

I was a first time mom and was looking forward to this day for so long. I was told by a fertility clinic that I would have trouble having a baby and that I would have to go on fertility drugs. My spouse and I decided to wait until the new year to start taking the medication. However to our surprise 2 months later I was pregnant. I was so happy. Everyone was asking me how I felt and telling me how lucky I was not to be feeling sick.

About 7 weeks into my pregnancy the night of Thanksgiving I was terribly ill. Firguring this was normal I took a couple of days off work to pick myself up and hopefully be feeling better. However the sickness just kept getting worse. Some people tried to be sympathetic and others just said I was overreacting, thinking about it too much. I was sick 24 hours a day, how could I not think about it? My doctor put me on medication, however it did not seem to help at all. I wore seabands my whole pregnancy even in the shower. (Too scared to take them off).

I cried at everything. I felt so alone and my husband was tired. All the trips to the hospital and trying to look after the house. It was hard on our relationship. I just could not understand how my baby could survive. I was losing so much weight. The only thing that I felt was a godsend was watermelon. Hard to find in the winter, however, thanks to my father I always had one. He figured there was not much he could do, however, at least he could find me watermelon. I became very depressed. Anybody who called to talk to me I just cried. I just kept thinking maybe I was not meant to have a child. My doctor made my appointment to get an ultrasound. He said it was important that I see for myself everything was great. My spouse took me to the hospital for the appointment and we both found our incentive that we could do this. She was beautiful. Although we did not know she was a she yet we could see her incredible heart pumping away. We knew at that moment that we would fight. Everyday I just kept saying that this is worth it. Although I was the lucky one only having hyperemesis up to my 12 week. It felt like an eternity. Every day felt like a week.

I am happy to say that after the first 12 weeks I was the happiest and healthiest I had ever been. My labour was only 1 hour and a half hours and she arrived just perfect. I feel God gave me a good labour because I was blessed with such an awful start. I think the best thing you can do for someone with this is give them as much support as they need. More than anything I just needed someone to listen to me and give me support and let me know that I was not overreacting.

Rachel is now 2 now and I would have another one in a heart beat. She was so worth everything I went through. God bless anyone going through hypernemesis you will get through it. Just hold on.


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