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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Jill

At 22 weeks with twins I was contracting frequently and was put on modified bedrest with HUAM (Home Uterine Activity Monitoring) and Nifedipine to relax my uterus. I was very strict on myself and stayed in bed as much as possible, spending my time watching TV and surfing the internet. I was worried, but felt things were alright.

At 26 weeks I went in for a fetal growth ultrasound and cervical length check. It was found that my cervix was shorter and more funneled than at my 24 week appointment. I called my OB after leaving my perinatologist's office and asked if we could start the steroid shots for the lung development. She felt it was a good idea, so I scheduled an appointment the next day and an OB appointment to immediately follow the shots at the hospital.

I cried getting the shots because I couldn't believe I was even having to take this step. Why couldn't my pregnancy be normal? But, here I was having to shoot meds into my body to grow their lungs. The 'not knowing' was hard.

On the car ride from the hospital after having the shots to my OB appointment I felt like I was contracting really hard and frequently. We got up to the OB office and I was losing count of how many times I was contracting. I told my doctor and after a short monitoring session I was asked to drive to L&D to be admitted. Truthfully, I was relieved as I knew in my gut that I needed more care than I could do for myself at home being 45 minutes from the hospital.

I was contracting every 2 minutes and was a fingertip dilated and 60% effaced. An ffn test was taken (measures if I am likely to go into labor within 2 weeks). I was put on Magnesium Sulfate. I stayed awake all that night wondering what would happen. Would I be pregnant tomorrow? I stayed on strict bedrest on the mag for 3 days. Then I was transfered to a Terbutaline Pump since I was stable. I was sent up to antepartum until I made it to 33 weeks.

It was hard spending 6 weeks in the hospital. I learned to keep my door open to see people out in the hall. I made friends with the nurses. I lost my mucus plug around 28/29 weeks. Also, up until 29 weeks my ffn tests were negative (meaning it was likely I would not go into labor for 2 weeks), but at 29 weeks it was positive (meaning some chance I would have the babies within 2 weeks). Though the positive result is less reliable. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes as well while in the hospital, so I had that to deal with too.

At 30 weeks I had a breakdown. I sobbed and cried. I wanted everything to be over. I was tired of being a 'sick patient' and wanted to celebrate my pregnancy - but of course that is hard to do being stuck in bed not knowing what will happen. Each week the neonatologist would stop by to explain the 'odds' of the outcome of my babies being born early.

At 33 weeks, my doctor and I agreed I was okay to go home since if I went into labor they would deliver me instead of stopping it. I went home scared. I no longer had the reassurance of the nurses and the NICU down the hall. At 34 weeks our ultrasound showed that Twin B (our girl) was not growing as much. She had always been small, but they wanted to keep an eye on her.

At 35 weeks my doctor told me to stop the terbutaline pump. I waited 1 extra day because I just knew that once I stopped the pump they would be coming. I stopped the pump at 3AM on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning I had an OB appointment. I felt like I was contracting so I told my husband to pack the car in case we were not coming home. Good thing, because when we got in to see the OB I was 4cm and 100% effaced. I had gone so long being 60-80% effaced with a cervix down to 1.3 cm and a positive ffn for 6 weeks. Our doctor called the hospital to schedule the c-section in a couple hours.

We drove to L&D and got into the c-section prep room. Finally at 1:17 PM Twin A (Nicholas) was born weighing 6'3" and 20 inches. Then at 1:18 PM Twin B (Celia) was born weighing 3' 15" and 17 inches. I had made it to 35 weeks!

They both breathed on their own and had the suck/swallow/breathe reflex. Celia stayed in the NICU for 8 days due to her low birth weight (IUGR - Intrauterine Growth Restriction). She came home on an apnea monitor to keep track of some bradycardias. We were allowed to discontinue monitoring after a month or so when her bradycardias had stopped.

Now at 6 months old they are happy and healthy! Celia will probably always be more on the petite side - but she is plump and healthy.

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