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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Kristie

My last pregnancy was difficult from day one. I had absolutely horrible morning sickness and it never got better. At 16 weeks I was told that I had placenta previa and they placed me on certain activity restrictions - to include heavy lifting, jumping, and of course sex. At 28 weeks they did my third ultrasound and the placenta previa had resolved itself. Thank God. There were not any complications from that.

However at 30 weeks my blood pressure started to steadily increase and I had traces of protein in my urine. At this point - since I have a sedentary job, they advised me that I could continue working for the time - as long as I came home and went straight to bed. This was difficult since I have 3 other boys. This did not last long - at 32 weeks, my blood pressure had increased to 160/100. At this point I was put on strict bedrest, and was required to do a couple 24 hour urine tests. The first one came back with just traces and the second one came back with high protein in the urine. I am not sure of the exact count because by the time the results came in, I was already in the hospital experiencing all of the other signs of severe preeclampsia or HELLP.

On Novemeber 17th, the day my husband took my urine sample in to the lab for the second time, I felt extremely sick all day. I could not keep anything down and was really dizzy. I was not seeing spots, but everything was very blurry. I could not see the tv without using my glasses. Normally I only need glasses for driving. However, I also had a urinary tract infection, so I ignored these symptoms and just slept for the majority of the day. By that night, I was having contractions, and was in severe pain. I thought that they were labor pains, but the pains were starting from my right upper abdomen, I had no idea that these were the liver pains they had warned me about. I was having severe headaches, dizziness, seeing spots, very nauseous and knew things were not right.

At 4 am on November 18, I finally gave in and went to the hospital. I got there and they began monitoring me and doing some labs. They decided to induce. I was scared and only 35 weeks along. My kidneys were only producing about 40 - 50 ccs an hour. I was told if it dropped to 30 ccs I would have to be put on a dialysis machine. My liver was shutting down. My platelet levels were extremely low making it very risky. The doctors decided due to that reason they wanted me to deliver naturally because a c-section could lead to me bleeding to death. They put me on the magnesium to keep me from having seizures. This of course counteracted the pitocin. For the most part, I slept through most of my labor due to the effects of the mag sulfate.

My son did fine and never faltered. However, my blood pressure at one point was 200\120. I was not doing well. On two different occasions my blood pressure dropped from the 200 levels down to below 50. The second time, I was only eight cm dilated and I dropped to 52\27. My whole body went numb, and I began to drastically shiver. I was very cold. My husband said that they pulled in a crash cart and then had me start pushing. I do not remember most of it except feeling very numb. My husband had to start helping me push. At 11:30 pm Kristopher was born at 6 lbs and 2 oz. He was healthy. He did have to be placed on oxygen for a few days and did have jaundice and had to be underneath the lights. He did great. Of course due to the mag, I did not begin to produce milk for almost a week, but eventually I stabilized and everything was fine. However, my eyesight has never gone back to normal.

As scary as the situation was, my son came through it with flying colors and everything is fine now. He is almost 7 months old and is almost 20 lbs. He has come fa, for having such a scary beginning. Sharing my story has helped me to deal with the post traumatic stress that I developed due to this incident.


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