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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Linda R.

When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I started bleeding. This had happened before and I was diagnosed with blighted ovum. Previously I had followed the radiologist's and obstetrician's advice and went for a D&C. This time I was severely ill and just could not emotionally deal with losing another baby. I requested another ultrasound a week later and the technician saw a heartbeat. I remained extremely sick, vomiting and unable to eat. I lost 10 lbs in less than three weeks. I was prescribed Zofran which fortunately did the trick (although the cost was astronomical).

Around week 16 I asked my doctor (on the advice of a cousin) about being checked for incompetent cervix since I had a LEEP procedure for cervical dysplasia and prior D&C procedures. The doctor checked and I was at 2.9cm (average is 4). I was monitored every other week and put on modified bedrest. By week 23 I was at .7cm and had been experiencing significant preterm labor. I was hospitalized for a few days, given intravenous liquids and steriods shots. At that point I was put on complete bedrest. My due date was May 25. My doctors were preparing my husband and I for a delivery prior to the 28th week.

I followed doctor's orders to a tee by staying in bed in a reclining position except when I had to use the bathroom or go to the doctors. I had a fetal monitor that I used twice a day. After a few weeks of bedrest, my condition stabilized. My cervix was at 1cm and remained there through the rest of my pregnancy. The preterm labor continued and from time-to-time we were instructed to go to the hospital to be monitored. We counted each day to week 28 and then week 32. Finally, we learned that the baby was breech with his feet down. The doctors scheduled a C-section for me. We delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy.

I don't remember how I survived bedrest from essentially the end of December through early May, but I did. My husband was an angel. He took on so many responsibilities of keeping our household going and keeping my spirits up while trapped in my bed for so many months. My family was extremely supportive and my neighbors came over occasionally to be sure I was eating and my spirits were up. My husband's grandmother showed me a few knitting stitches and I knitted my son a blanket. I read books, searched catalogs for baby items and researched investment options to help us save for our son's and our future. Although I remember experiencing the whole episode, the joy of having my son has made it difficult to remember each day on bedrest. The one thing I do remember is having to buy a new mattress because the huge dent I put in ours could not be corrected!

For anyone out there experiencing something similar, just take each day as it comes. The craziness of bedrest is all worth it the first time you hold your baby.


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