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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories - Michelle A.

My husband,and tried several times to conceive (4 miscarriges), and finally we were blessed in 1996. I never thought for a moment that I would hear the words from my doctor that I had Gestational Diabetes.The blood work showed high sugar levels around 7 weeks gestation,and at 9 weeks they started me on Insulin injections. With most women high sugar shows up around 24-28 gestation (so I was told by my doctor).

Before I started my Insulin, my doctor sent me to a Diabetes educational class to learn what was happening in my body, how to check my blood sugar (normally 4 times a day), and the most scariest part for me, was injecting the Insulin in my stomach twice a day. Once I received my supplies, I started the next morning, and I bawled like a baby. Finally I got the nerve. You start by checking your sugar (prick your finger) first thing when you wake up; it's called fasting. Then the scary part came for me--injecting my stomach. I held that needle in FEAR, I then slowly inserted it into my stomach, and to my surprise I DID NOT even feel it! I felt so silly, and had everyone in my family pricking their fingers showing me how it did not hurt etc.To be honest with you I never like the clicker that pricks your finger; I prefer to do it manually.

At 34.5 weeks my water broke, I went to the hospital around 11:00am, and my contractions kicked around 11:30 pm. I delivered at 1:30 am. I decided at the beginning of my pregnancy that I was having a totally natural birth.I could not stand the thought of an epidural (I am not one to handle needles obviously). I had a completely natural birth with no complications. He was a healthy baby boy weighing 4 lbs 7oz. He was in NICU one night for monitoring. His sugar went a little low, but we were both discharged 3 days later.

Then in 1999 I found out I was pregnant with our second child at 6 weeks and by the 7th week the doctor put me on Insulin again. My sugar came back high. His delivery was totally natural too, but he was a large baby compared to my first. Our second son was 8 lbs 11.5oz and became stuck as I was pushing him out. He was still a healthy boy.


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