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Pregnancy Complications

Success Stories

If you've had a successful outcome after a high-risk and/or complicated pregnancy and would like to write your story for us, we'd LOVE to include it in our cubby.

Along with your story, include a statement giving StorkNet permission to post your story on our site. We'll use your first name, last initial only OR your StorkNet user name (please include that in the email if that's the name you'd like us to use). In your story, focus on HOW you coped with the situation, what helped you get through it, and suggestions you have for other parents. Click here to send your story.

  • Aimee ~ pre-eclampsia
  • Amy ~ preterm labor
  • Amy H ~ vasa previa
  • Andrea K. ~ preterm labor
  • Boopie ~ preterm labor and hypertension
  • Christine ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage and preterm labor
  • Debra ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage and preterm labor with twins
  • Barbara ~ pre-eclampsia
  • Heather ~ hyperemesis
  • Hedra ~ polyhydramnios
  • Heidi ~ Group B Strep (story in NICU cubby)
  • Honora ~ incompetent cervix, cerclage and preterm labor
  • Jennifer ~ placenta previa
  • Jill ~ Preterm labor (frequent contractions, shortened/funneling cervix) with twins
  • Johanna ~ Type II diabetes and pre-eclampsia
  • Kerrin ~ HELLP Syndrome
  • Kristie ~ HELLP Syndrome
  • Laraine ~ preterm labor with twins
  • Linda R. ~ hyperemesis, incompetent cervix and preterm labor
  • Lorie ~ pre-eclampsia
  • Lucy ~ preterm labor and bedrest
  • Marisa ~ Marfans syndrome (had MacDonald cerclage)
  • Megan ~ pre-eclampsia
  • Melissa E. ~ hyperemesis
  • Michelle A ~ Gestational Diabetes
  • Teresa P ~ preterm labor and polyhydramnios
  • Wendy ~ incompetent cervix with cerclage, HUAM and brethine for preterm labor


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