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Adoption: Facts and an FAQ from Adoptive Families Magazine
  • As of the 2000 Census, there were 1.5 million children under 18 years of age in America who joined their family through adoption, 2% of all children in the US. More than 100,000 children are adopted each year.

  • There are 5 million people in the US today who were adopted.

  • 65% of all Americans have a personal connection to adoption and view it favorably.


Q: Do adopted children know that they are adopted?
A: Yes. Today, adoption is not considered secret or shameful. Instead, itís considered a normal, valid way to form a family.

Q: Do infant adoptions still take place in the US?
A: Absolutely. More infants born in the US are adopted by American families each year than children born abroad.

Q: Isnít adoption outrageously expensive, outside the reach of most families, nowadays?
A: No. On average, after the $10,000 federal tax credit and the benefits that many employers offer, adoption is often no more expensive than giving birth. Adoption is affordable by middle families today. In addition, all aspects of adoption expense are governed by law and reviewed during the legal process.

Q: Isnít it so difficult to adopt nowadays that it takes years and years to complete an adoption?
A: No, adopting a child does not take an interminable amount of time. The majority of both domestic and international adopters who responded to a recent poll by Adoptive Families magazine completed their adoptions in less than a year.

Q: Donít adoptive parents worry that their childís birthparents will return to take their child back?
A: No. Adoption is a well-considered, legal transfer of parental rights that takes place after extensive counseling for both birth and adoptive parents. Despite the publicity surrounding a few high-profile cases, post-adoption revocations are extremely rare. Once an adoption is finalized, the adoptive family is recognized as the childís family by law.

Q: Arenít most birthparents troubled teenagers?
A: No. In fact, most birthparents are over 18 and terminate their parental rights because they are not able to care for a child at that time in their lives. It is generally with courage and love for their child that they take this action.

Q: Are adopted children more likely to be troubled?
A: No. The research shows that there is virtually no difference in psychological functioning between children raised in adoptive families and those raised in biological families.

Q: Do internationally-adopted children know the language of the country of their origin?
A: No, language and culture are acquired. A child born in Korea and adopted by an American family, for instance, will speak English and follow the cultural customs of his or her adoptive family.

Q: Do parents really love an adopted child as much as they would their biological child?
A: Absolutely. The intensity of bonding and depth of emotion are the same regardless of how the child joined the family.

Reprinted with permission from award-winning Adoptive Families Magazine. For more adoption articles, visit Adoptive Families online: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com.

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