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Birth Parents ~ Parents who have or are considering giving up a child for adoption

     º Are You Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption?
This factsheet gives you, the birth mother, information about counseling and adoption. It addresses many questions you might have.
     º The Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents
Placing a child for adoption is not an easy thing to do, not at the time of placement nor years later. How do you get through the experience, and how does it affect you later in life?
     º Adoption Stories Touch the Heart
As a society, let's begin to see birthmothers as they truly are: givers of life.

Personal Stories
     º Jo's story ~ birthmother to one daughter with 3 children in the home and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her firstborn from across the Atlantic
     º Have you given up a child for adoption? Would you like to share your adoption story with StorkNet? If so, click here.

Web Resources
     º Resources for Birth Parents
     º Concerned United Birthparents
CUB is a national organization serving those touched by adoption and others who are concerned about adoption issues. Although our focus is on birthparents, long the forgotten people of the adoption community, we welcome adoptees, adoptive parents, and professionals.
     º BirthMother.com
A support group and interactive resource center exclusively for women and men considering adoption for their unborn child, as well as women and men who have placed their child for adoption.
     º BirthMom Buds
BirthMom Buds is an organization and support site created by 2 birthmothers primarily for birthmothers. Our unique feature is "The buddy system," where a birthmother is paired with another birthmother of similar interests, adoption types, and locations for healing and friendship via email. We also have a new and special area for young women pregnant and considering adoption, called "What to Expect When you are Expecting to Be a Birthmom." We offer a mentoring program where potential birthmothers are matched with already placed birthmothers for support and guidance. BirthMom Buds offers a monthly newsletter, weekly hosted chats, a forum, a bmom showcase, and more! Call toll free at 1-877-790-4174

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