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Attachment Parenting

Welcome to StorkNet's Attachment Parenting Cubby!
If you're interested in learning more about Attachment Parenting, you've come to the right place. StorkNet has an active community of AP parents. If you're just starting out, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about attachment parenting.

What's New
     º Banish Common Parenting Myths by Elizabeth Pantley
As if it isn't challenging enough to raise children, most parents believe myths that make them feel confused and inadequate. These horrible myths can spoil the joy of raising your children. You may have never realized how intensely these beliefs affect you, but they do. After you identify the myths that color your daily life, learn the truth about each one. By acknowledging that these myths exist in your life, you take the first step towards eliminating them. Learning the truth will erase your doubts and leave you open to learning effective new ways of raising your children. Here are a few of the most common parenting myths.
     º Read Your Baby's Sleepy Signals
A good way to encourage good sleep is to get familiar with your baby's sleepy signals, and put her down to sleep as soon as she seems tired. A baby cannot put herself to sleep, nor can she understand her own sleepy signs.

Hot Topic
     º How do you respond to CIO suggestions? ~ Do you have any helpful comebacks for those who just HAVE to comment that you should let your baby cry it out? Click here to email your response.
     º APing the Older Child ~ Many Attachment Parenting books and articles are geared towards infancy and early toddlerhood, with an emphasis on babywearing, breastfeeding, gentle discipline and bedsharing. How do you find yourself adapting the philosophy of AP to your older preschoolers, children and teenagers? Is there such a thing as Attachment Parenting for older children? click here to email your response.

Featured Article
     º Why Parent the AP Way? How Attachment Parenting Benefits You
Often when AP is discussed, the benefits to the CHILDREN are mentioned but very little is said about the many pluses for parents. In this article, Gaye Johnson explains how AP can be beneficial emotionally, physically, and financially, as well as heightening the many joys of parenthood. [Click Here]

And Don't Forget
     º Share your AP testimonials with us!
Would you like to share your own AP story? How did you come to follow the AP style of parenting and what does it mean to you? Share your testimonial with us (and be sure to state that you give StorkNet permission to use your story) and tell fellow StorkNet parents how wonderful attachment parenting has been for you and your family.


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