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Attachment Parenting

101 Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them
by StorkNet Members
  1. Give him/her lots of little kisses on the nose!

  2. Blow raspberries on his/her belly.

  3. Look at him/her when you are feeding them.

  4. Say "I Love You" a LOT. Some people never get to hear it and I'm so happy it was one of my son's first sentences.

  5. Always pay attention to them when they are talking to you/babbling/cooing or whatever!

  6. Make sure you are smiling at them and have a pleasant tone of voice while interacting with them.

  7. Hold, cuddle, and love on them as much as possible.

  8. Smile at them when they first wake up.

  9. Dance with them.

  10. Sit them in your lap to read stories.

  11. Sing to them . . . even if you have the worst voice in the world.

  12. Listen to them, and honor even early attempts to communicate.

  13. Be excited about every new development and discovery. (dd has recently started "rocking" on her hands and knees, which we tell her is *wonderful*)

  14. Let them get messy with art, cooking, or the kiddie pool, and play right along with them.

  15. Spend the day in pj's - both of you and bake cookies together, read books, dance and be REALLY loud and silly!!
  16. Take baths with them.

  17. Play in the sprinkler together.

  18. Let them wear their Superman cape to school.

  19. Wear their favorite color. (I have so much purple in my wardrobe now!)

  20. Tell them you trust them to make good choices.

  21. Take leisurely walks and stop to smell flowers and look at nature.

  22. When playing, give your child choices of toys (even as young as several months!). With dd, I present 2 toys, name them, watch for the one she looks at longer (or reaches for), then say out loud what she told me, "Ella wants book!"

  23. Let her fingerpaint with her food and laugh with her, even though it makes a huge mess.

  24. Mother your child as you would have liked to be mothered.


  26. Be happy to see them when they come into the room!

  27. Say sorry when you're wrong.

  28. When your toddler reaches for you to take his hand, do it--every time!--no matter how dirty, wet, or sticky it is.

  29. Give your baby a massage.

  30. Cook with your toddler and never mind the mess.

  31. Make up songs (you can use nursery rhyme tunes) to go with your child's activities...

  32. Say yes whenever you can. Do we have time to ride the penny pony at the grocery? Can we stop at the park? Read a book? Scatter toys hither thither? (Yes, sometimes, at least.)

  33. Be polite to your child: talk to them as you would like people to talk to you.

  34. Make a mess and who cares!

  35. Play in the rain and splash in the puddles.

  36. KISSES, KISSES and Lots more KISSES!

  37. PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN, tomorrow they'll be adults asking for the keys to your car!!

  38. Every time you feel like comparing them (favorably or not) to another kid, instead, reassure them that they are the best 'them' there ever was or ever will be. (Gabe loves when I tell him he's my very best Gabriel, the only Gabriel I ever will have, and nobody else could ever be as good at being my Gabriel.)

  39. When they bring you a book to share, stop and read it with them, no matter what you're doing (it can't be as important as reading to your little ones.)

  40. When they're babies (before they can "talk"), imitate their babbles back to them. it tells them you're listening and what they're "saying" is worth listening to!

  41. Let your little one give you and eye/dental exam with his/her sticky fingers.

  42. Use the nick names that your little talker(s) come up with for anything. It keeps life interesting, at one point our youngest responded to Dobby, Buhda baby, Yoga master, and her real name (brenna) equally.

  43. Let your toddler brush your hair and fasten all the barrettes in your hair with his sister. (Ok I looked like a goof but the kids were so gentle and it felt so nice.) The kids were thrilled at their creation and took a picture of my goofy hair. It teaches them that you trust them and increases their confidence.

  44. Tell them all the things you love them more than. I love you more than chocolate bunnies. I love you more than sunshine. I love you more than fancy glitter. My dd and I take turns and each come up with something else.

  45. Discipline them with love when they are wrong so that they grow up to be excellent people.

  46. Lots of rolling on the floor, laughing and giggling with them.

  47. Touch your child every time you greet them. It can be a hug, hair play, whatever.

  48. Put down what you're doing to listen to your child when they're talking to you, and make eye contact.

  49. Take the time to explain why something is wrong when you have to discipline your child, and that they understand! (Children, especially as they get older, need to understand the reasons behind rules.)

  50. Let your toddler/preschooler pick out their own clothes from their drawer. (It takes a lot of love to leave the house some days . . .)

  51. Sing "You are my sunshine" to your kids lots. DS is trying to sing it with me now.

  52. Hold them even if you know they are going to throw up on you. (No kidding, I had to do this. That is the only way my dd was able to handle the throwing up when she got sick last week.).

  53. Make up and sing goofy songs with them.

  54. Trade foot rubs (both my kids love this!)

  55. Leave extra time while running errands to allow your toddler to walk around the fountain at the library 20 times, or swing from each bike rack twice, without you rushing them along to the next item on your list.

  56. Cook healthy, nutritious home cooking for them. Throw out the convenience food and don't buy takeaways.

  57. Turn off the tv and video. Throw them out even. Instead, read to your child/ren, listen to music, play, interact with them.

  58. Treat your child like a person.

  59. Remember what it was like to be a kid and act like one now and then.

  60. Kiss the top of their head when they're in the sling/carrier/in your arms, and tell them how much you love them.

  61. Kiss all ten little fingers and all ten little toes, and laugh as they do!

  62. As someone said, treat them with respect. And beyond that, model tolerance, acceptance and respect for others, as we're providing the models they'll emulate.

  63. Make diaper changing fun! Include funny faces, songs, tickles and noises.

  64. Know your own limits.

  65. Treat yourself as well as you want your child to treat him/herself as an adult.

  66. Don't be afraid to say I'm sorry.

  67. Be the first thing your baby sees when s/he wakes up. The smile is priceless.

  68. Teach them how to garden right next to you. Hands in dirt, pulling weeds, smelling flowers, caressing pumpkins and eggplant, picking cucumbers and zucchini. running hands along the cornstalks, finding bugs and worms and learning how they help the garden!

  69. Remember that emotional needs are every bit as important as physical needs.

  70. Let them know you are there to help them through all of their emotions, even the sad and angry ones. No one should ever have to cry alone!

  71. Remember that infancy and toddlerhood will pass in the blink of an eye. The challenging phase they are in now will soon be a distant memory, but the gentle support you gave will stay with them forever.

  72. Give them the freedom to develop at their own pace, without pushing them to match the timetable set out in a book.

  73. Help them become the person they naturally are, not the person you want them to be.

  74. Address your toddler using the name he calls himself. (Especially fun in our house--Robbie calls himself "Obbie-obbie-obbie".)

  75. Tell your child every day how grateful you are to have him!

  76. Go into details about what you love about your child. Concentrate on who they are and not what they do, so they know your love is unconditional on their behaviour. Kids love to hear them and NEED to hear them!

  77. Pray with your child/share your spirituality.

  78. Let your child hear you thanking God for them.

  79. Speak positively about your child to others when you know he is listening!

  80. Never speak negatively about your child when there is any possibility he can overhear.

  81. Listen to your child!

  82. Read to your child, and respect his choices. Be patient if that means reading the same story over and over again.

  83. Show your delight in spending time with your child.

  84. If you ever get cross at your child make sure you apologise and remind him how you really feel.

  85. Put little surprise love notes in their lunch boxes!

  86. Get to know their friends.

  87. Cuddle him off to sleep.

  88. Cuddle your child as she wakes up each morning.

  89. Take lots of photos and/or video and look through these together often, sharing funny stories about the best times!

  90. Cook their favourite meal.

  91. Teach them some "clean" jokes and laugh along together!

  92. Teach them the sign for "I love you" and use it a LOT!

  93. Blow kisses across the room at them!

  94. Enlist their help in choosing gifts or planning surprises for their other parent.

  95. Let them stay in the bath as long as they like, at least occasionally.

  96. Be sensitive when they are feeling overwhelmed. Be there to help them regain control and to provide comfort.

  97. Have a nickname for them that shows how special you think they are. We call our little boy "Treasure" or "Precious".

  98. Be patient!

  99. Create family traditions.

  100. Just LOVE them!!

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