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Attachment Parenting

How Exactly Do You Co-sleep?
From Our AP Forum Archives
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storkFrom JoJo3883 ~ This may sound like a really stupid question but i'm asking it in all seriousness. I'd like to try co-sleeping because my little one is still having two-hourly feeding sessions and I figure that cosleeping is my best chance of maximizing sleep time, but I really don't know where exactly I, bubs, blankets, pillow etc fit into the picture. Please let me know! how do I stop bubs from being under the blanket, or having the pillow near his head? Also, if baby falls asleep while nursing lying down obviously you don't wake him to burp him so what do you do about wind, or does it just take care of itself? Sorry if this sounds silly, but this is all new to me!

storkFrom Stacey2 ~ Your question isn't silly at all, it's a really good question. I'm sure the ladies here will have good advice for you. My little guy is young also, so we are just learning about this ourselves. So far what we've done is to use only a sheet and a thermal blanket at night, and tucked them in really good so they only come up sort of mid chest level on us. Even if DS scooted down under them (which he hasn't yet) I think it would be ok because they're very light and the blanket has those little "holes." We have a king size bed so that makes it easier. We just slide our pillows to the sides so there's a big area in the middle at the top of the bed and put Sam there. The pillows are about 5" away from either side of him. When he's rolling well, I think we'll put the mattress on the floor, with one side against a wall.

storkFrom mom2jazzygirl ~ I still keep ds under my armpit so that he can't scoot up under the pillows. We do something similar about blankets. We use a sheet and a thermal blanket. However, we pull ours down in the center so that it's chest level on him and then we have it over our shoulders on the sides. When he was little, I woke up a lot to check those covers and keep them off of his face. Now, he takes care of it himself. He is so accustomed to the covers being at chest level that he bats them off if they slip up any higher.

storkFrom Ramona ~ We sleep with Grace between us. Her head is below the pillows. As far as the blankets go, we keep the blankets at about waist level, then we don't have to worry about the blankets covering Grace's head. Now, we don't worry about the blankets at all, because she hates blankets and will kick them down.

storkFrom JenElizabeth ~ We do it the same way that mom2jazzygirl does. I love it! I am so well rested I almost feel guilty about it (almost, I said!)! I never thought we would co-sleep, but now I can't imagine putting her back in the crib! She loves sleeping nestled into me and sleeps so peacefully. I feel really confident that we are doing the right thing for Justine by co-sleeping. Good luck!

storkFrom SusanH ~ The others have given you great suggestions, so I don't have anything to add except a link to a great article on co-sleeping.

storkFrom DakotaAndZanesMommy ~ We actually have both sons in the bed with us now! I have a king size bed and it is against the wall, it is a little longer than wide so we sleep on it lengthwise. Zane (infant sleeps next to the headboard (solid wood) I sleep next to him, Dakota (4 years) is next to me and Tommy (DH ) is on the end. As for covers, Zane has his crib size blanket, I have my favorite blanket, and DH and Dakota share one, well Dakota refuses to keep blankets on him at all, which is why we had two to begin with. And I like Zane having his own so I don't accidentally cover him too much. This must sound pretty ridiculous but it is such a joy in the morning to have all us together.

storkFrom huntergirl ~ I have twins and they sleep on my side of the bed (I'm in the middle) and we have a bumper that keeps them from rolling off. They have a receiving blanket or a thermal blanket, depending on how cold it is. I use a "Buckie" so there's not a lot of extra pillow for them to get into trouble with, plus they're usually lower down on the bed for easy breastfeeding. For the record, nothing gets in between DH and me. We'll put the babies there for a while and snuggle and watch them sleep, but we always move them before we settle down.

storkFrom Flatfork ~ We always just cleared the pillows out above baby and I just had one and slept on the edge of it. If I got cold I would scoot down to his level and cover us up, keeping my pillow on the edge of my head. We have a 5 year old, a 10 month old a 45 year old and a 35 year old all in the same bed. I like it and wouldn't have it any other way.

storkFrom Psnyder ~ We have a Queen sized bed and use standard pillows instead of the King or queen sized. That way the pillows don't meet in the middle and there is a gap for ds. I used to worry about the blanket, but now I just let the blanket go over him. Hubby and I both sleep on our sides and have pretty wide shoulders, so it kind of makes a tent for ds. The burping thing was a real issue when ds was younger, but with time, he stopped with the need to burp.

storkFrom Cynmom ~ Dh uses his own sheet (the comforter is too hot for him) and the comforter goes on dd and me. I pull it up higher on myself and dd usually kicks the covers off anyway. She usually falls asleep nursing, then when I insert my finger to break the suction, she rolls on her back and continues to sleep, then moves and whines when she's hungry again a few times during the night.

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