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Attachment Parenting

Suggestions for Slinging a Bigger Infant
From Our AP Forum Archives
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From Mellymama ~ Anyone have suggestions on slinging a bigger infant? DS is 12 weeks old and already weighs over 14 pounds. I use a maya wrap sling, and he is starting to get pretty heavy for me! It hurts my shoulder, and gives me back strain. I also use a baby bjorn when going for walks or whatever, which does not give me back pain, but I definitely prefer the sling.

Does anyone have suggestions for slinging a big boy? I want to carry him as long as possible and since he's barely getting out of the newborn phase, there's a long baby-wearing time ahead. Would a padded sling be more comfortable? I never had this problem with DD. She has always been lighter - only 30 pounds at 3 years.

From m ~ I know everyone raves about them, but I just can't get my Maya wrap comfortable for the long haul. I have a sling-eeze that is size small and it is padded; I find it to be much more comfortable. My little guy is 18 lbs and I can wear him for about 45 minutes before I start to complain about being sore. Also, how you hold the baby can also affect comfort. I've always had the most luck with the snuggle hold - upright against my chest.

From CatherineS ~ I don't know where you live (for climate), but I've heard wonderful things about the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. The fleece offers a bit of stretch, and I've heard it's very comfy. It is a bit warm in summer for those in warmer climates, but they do make a cotton one as well. It's not as stretchy, but does offer some stretch.

HotSlings offers pouches in stretchy cotton material.

I've read good things about the Zolowear sling being very comfy with larger infants, and it is made of silk.

I hope you find one that works for you!

From hunter ~ The only time my slings hurt were when they needed to be readjusted, or when the baby's position needed to be changed. If you're no longer comfortable carrying him as you have been, try a different position. The upright snuggle hold is generally good if he doesn't have good head control, or the Kangaroo hold (sitting cross-legged facing out) if he does.

From Freya'sMom ~ Once they are big enough, the Kangaroo carry is good and, my favorite, the hip carry. Back carry is good, too when they are old enough. Thorsten loves the Kangaroo and Hip carry (he's 6 months and 21 pounds).

I think no matter what kind of sling or carrier you have, when you have a heavy baby, your back is just bound to hurt.

From rareimer ~ I also vote for either the upright snuggle hold or the hip carry. Jasmyn is 20 lbs now, and we use those two holds, though as she gets heavier, the hip carry is the best for us. Although no matter what, if I carry her for more than an hour or so, my back does get sore regardless.

Just make sure you have the rings right below your shoulder, and the fabric spread out on your shoulder, rather than all on top of it or by your neck. Also make sure baby is carried high, as high as possible, and do constant readjustment.

From lunchbox ~ I feel your pain! Lucy was about 20 lbs at 6 months. Combine that with back pain from poor nursing posture and I had to abandon my sling. It made me so sad. I hope you can find something that works!

From book_worm ~ Once Boo was steady enough, I used the hip carry with him (he was 20 pounds at 4 months!), using a Maya-style sling. I found the padded sling uncomfortable; I couldn't adjust it tight enough, and it seemed too constricting on his little legs after a while.

If the sling was getting uncomfortable - back pain, etc - I found the cause was usually that it needed to be adjusted, or Boo needed to be shifted a little bit. Even at a year and 25 pounds, I could carry him about 3 or 4 hours before feeling muscle strain from it.

From cuz I care ~ Ditto the position problem. I have a 5 month old 18lb baby. She prefers the snuggle hold front and it works for the most part. I just have to make sure that she is high up either tucked under my chin or almost tucked under my chin and make sure the shoulder piece is properly on my shoulder and not my neck. Although after an hour or so my lower back does start hurting a little but I think it is mostly just because I am holding her for an hour. It tends to hurt along with my arms if I am not using the sling.

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