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Attachment Parenting

Sling Tips
From Our AP Forum Archives
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storkFrom Mom2MNMz ~ I am really starting to get into the hang of my sling. I have an OTSBH. I carry Morgan in it when she needs to be cuddled to sleep or she is happily awake and I need to be doing things instead of just sitting on the sofa holding a baby (like I wish I were - instead of folding laundry). I was wondering if some of you sling mommies could share some sling tips. Some of my problems I am encountering are . . .

Her feet - I try and snuggle her feet into the sling and point her feet forward. But it seems like most of the time her feet end up flexed BACK. It seems like it would be really uncomfortable. I don't like carrying her in the sling very long because I worry about her feet. How do you get a newborn's feet comfortably into a sling?

Cooking - I am not comfortable cooking with her in the sling. Do most of you just not cook with a newborn in the sling and set them down some place else? Is it remotely possible to put a newborn on your back in the sling? Why don't I just order a pizza every night for the next 6 months!

The sling seems to be the only way she will settle down during the day. She's a snuggly baby and just wants to be close. I ordered daddy a OTSBH too. His had to be special ordered because he's such a big guy (52" sport coat)

I'm trying to think of cool uses for slings to share... but I can't! The handiest it has been was last week when my sister had her baby and I carried Morgan in it the whole time we were in the Recovery Room with her and no one in L&D said BOO about it.

Does anyone else have any cool sling tips/moments they can share?

storkFrom SusanH ~ I just put Susy in however she was comfortable. But we didn't start using the sling until she was around 12 weeks and she preferred sitting up in it by then.

I do some cooking with her in the sling, but nothing that splatters or sprays, if you know what I mean. If I'm making pasta I'll do most of it with her in the sling, just taking care to keep her away from the steam. Of course, it's harder now that she's a toddler and tries to grab everything, so usually she has some Daddy time while I'm cooking.

I didn't use it enough when she was a baby, because she is my first and I had the luxury of spending whole days on the couch. But I'm sure it is a lifesaver for those with other children to take care of! I'm glad you got it figured out so quickly. You'll soon find that you can do everything in it, including going to the bathroom, getting dressed, a fair bit of dinner preparation . . . They even make waterproof slings for the shower!

storkFrom Amieee ~ I wish I could get the hang of mine! Dd does not seem to like it much. I am hoping I am just putting her in it wrong and we will eventually get it straightened out. I hate to think she will have to be put down a lot or just doesn't want to snuggle.

storkFrom skp ~ I think I'm the queen of sling trial and error!! lol I'm finally loving my OTSBH! I can't believe I'm saying that!! I wasn't sure I'd like it with all that padding but it's actually more comfy for him I think. I was determined to use a sling and I've spent the last few days using it almost all the time. Ian's feet also end up way up by his chest, but he doesn't complain so I figure he's okay. It really bothered me the first few times, but the more I use it the happier he is so I don't worry anymore. Believe it or not at 7 weeks old he loves the kangaroo carry where he sits "indian style" and he always falls asleep in that position. Then I shift him sideways into the cradle position once he's good and asleep. I've used it at the mall. Today I had to go to city hall and cross a busy street to get there so I put Ian in the sling and had my hands free to hold the hands of my other 2 while crossing the street. That was a blessing in itself! I love having my hands free. I also used it the other day when we were at a house that had a bunch of little kids there. I felt like the sling was the safest place for Ian. Nobody could poke at him or fall on him because he was safely attached to me.

storkFrom Stacey2 ~ I'm new at this, but it seems like there are some kids who like slings and some who don't. My friend carries her baby in all the same positions I've tried with Sam, and her baby snuggles up so happy. Sam is miserable in the sling and I've tried quite a few times. But then, he's always been a "sprawler" from the day he was born. He loves to lay in my lap - he spreads his arms and legs and looks like he's hanging out in his la-z-boy recliner watching the ball game. He really isn't the sort of baby who likes to curl up into a little ball and bury his head in my shoulder. For us the front carrier works better because his legs are free to dangle and he can swing his arms around. If Morgan was unhappy about her feet being bunched up, she'd probably let you know. If she's happy, then it sounds like everything is going fine.

storkFrom Mom2MNMz ~ It takes some practice. When I put Morgan in it, I have to do a few laps around the house before she snuggles in and stops crying/fussing. And then she is good to go for HOURS. Have you tried tightening each rail one by one?

storkFrom katiesmama ~ Jeffrey loves his sling, too! He is a very cuddly baby as well. About the cooking thing, I do cook with mine on, but I cover it loosely with a light blanket first (like a receiving blanket). I never do it around grease or anything like that though. I think if we are very careful it's okay. Man, I wish my daughter had liked the sling, it would've made things so much easier!

storkFrom SusanH ~ Susy never liked to be all curled up in it either, but she loved to be sitting up with her legs stretched out and her arms free (kangaroo carry). She also liked to be held against me just like she would be in a baby bjorn with her head on my chest and her legs sticking out below the sling (tummy-to-tummy position.)

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