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Attachment Parenting

Wonderful Things About Our Babies
From Our AP Forum Archives
Confused by the archive abbreviations? Click here to check out the acronym list from our boards!

storkFrom SusanH ~ Susy has been driving me absolutely crazy lately, so I decided that I would post some of the wonderful things about having a toddler! Anyone else want to share something they really love about their babies (of all ages)?

Things I love about Susy J being a toddler:

1. she understands me when I ask her to do something

2. she loves to 'help' me cook, clean, put stuff away, fold laundry, brush my teeth and anything else I do

3. she laughs like crazy anytime we laugh, even if she doesn't know why

4. she gives hugs and kisses even when we didn't ask her for one

5. she is developing into a remarkably confident, brave, adventurous and independent person, but still comes running to me with the sling when she needs to be the baby again.

storkFrom Ramona ~ Grace is 11 Months

1. Her personality is starting to come out (she's a little tease)

2. She has this love of music (takes after her Daddy)

3. She is developing independence but loves to be with Mamma

4. She's petite, so she fits her clothes longer

5. She just has the most gorgeous hair

6. She's learning to understand what I say to her

7. She plays nicely with her little friends, even when they get a bit rough (they are older)

storkFrom LSibell ~ 1) She is always smiling!

2) She always loves to kiss and hug her "babies" (Stuffed animals) and makes sure everyone else hugs and kisses them also!

3) She is learning so quick and saying new words everyday!!

4) She is so friendly and happy all the time.

5) She loves to dance and can't wait for Daddy to play MP3's for her.

storkFrom Stacey2 ~ What a good idea! Sam is 3 months and adorable. I love that:

He's so excited to sit up on my lap and see and touch everything. Last night he lunged forward and put a hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse and was so pleased with himself to be using the computer just like Mom

His smiles just sweep over his face and melt my heart.

The kid can kick like a wild man. I've got some toys rigged up hanging from links for him to kick - he sends them flying and then laughs as they swing back and forth. In the bath we have to close the shower curtain to keep the whole bathroom from being soaked by splashing with kicking. We both have an absolute blast.

storkFrom huntergirl ~ I'm having a rough day and this is EXACTLY what I needed to do! Oh, here goes:

Emma (Four 1/2)
* Comes running whenever she realizes she's learned something new.
* Can peel vegetables without help.
* Plays quietly by herself without getting bored.

Alison (Three)
* Cannot walk, must DANCE everywhere.
* Can stand on one foot and put the other foot behind her head.
* Is sassy and spirited.

Ingrid (19 months)
* Loves to hold her baby brothers.
* Thinks the cats are baby sisters and tries to bring them to the dinner table.
* Has the softest, longest, blondest curls I've ever seen on a human.

Jack (11 weeks)
* Is noisy and feisty.
* Doesn't like to be held after nursing.
* Can roll from back to tummy. Then he gets frustrated and starts grunting and waving his arms and legs in the air. Very cute!!

Zachary (11 weeks)
* Is quiet and easy-going.
* Doesn't seem to sleep as much as *normal* but just lies quietly, and watches whatever is going on.
* Has managed to blow out diapers on all six grandparents!!

storkFrom dominic'smom ~ Thanks Susan

Dominic 15 months

He wakes up smiley

He loves to watch Daddy play the guitar and dances along

He comes out with new words all the time that I don't even coach him on

He kisses me when ever I ask for a kiss and every once in a while he sneaks one in just because he loves me

He cracks himself up and laughs hysterically over things like fingers and toes

He loves to hide under pillows, blankets and rugs and then pop out to try to scare us

The way he laughs when I nibble on him

The best thing by far about my son is the way that he has made Jon and I a family and not merely a couple.

storkFrom Emama ~ These are so fun to read!

Emmett is almost one (in 20 days!) Things I love:

He has a great belly laugh, which is pretty easy to get started.

He wiggles his whole body when he gets excited.

He just learned how to "Give me five!"

He has wonderful thighs.

storkFrom Gayesy ~ There are so many things I love about Thomas! Here are some of them!

He is snuggly and those little cheeks are SO kissable. I love it how he still sleeps right next to me. Waking up to cuddles with him is a delight!

He is a loving, sensitive, caring little boy - everyone who meets him falls in love!

He has a GREAT sense of humour and cracks me up several times each day.

He is clever and I delight and am amazed in seeing all that he can do.

He is GREAT with our ginger cat and I love seeing them together. When he sits on the couch she comes and snuggles next to him, and he tells her how much he loves her.

He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I can't get enough of just looking at him.

storkFrom SusanH ~ These are all lovely! I've got a big smile from reading about your darling babies. Thank you for sharing with me.

storkFrom SuzeeQ ~ My Dylan at 15 months.....

~ He wakes up smiling every morning... the smile actually appears BEFORE his eyes have opened! I hope he can continue to wake up like this every day of his life!

~ He makes a sad face if he hears another baby crying.

~ When I nurse him, he'll take his little hand and stroke my cheek.

~ When he's tired, he only wants Momma!

~ He has allowed me to see how wonderful his big brothers (19 & 17) and sister (15) are with him... and it makes me SO proud to think what GREAT parents they will be someday!

~ He is keeping me YOUNG!!

storkFrom abuddi ~ I like this, too.

Jasmine is 16 mos.

*Also wakes up smiling.
*Loves to read (will actually sit and let me read at least 3 books at a time).
*Loves to put blanket over her face and try to walk.
*When she is hungry she will go and get a bib and try to climb in her high chair.

storkFrom momofsugarplum ~ Raiden (sugarplum) - 3 years old next month.

~ He usually misses the big picture of things (the most obvious), but he is remarkable at noticing detail.

~ He comes over to me and gives me bear hugs and big kisses.

~ While we are sleeping at night I will have my eyes closed and I can feel and smell his baby breath on my face, then I feel him tugging on my eyelids to open them all the while he is showering me with kisses.

~ He gives me smiles that melt my heart and soul.

~ He keeps tabs on me 24-7. He enjoys being with me all the time and watching me cook, do laundry etc.

~ He is learning sign language and can now tell me he loves me with signs. While he signs he loves me he looks at me deep with his big brown eyes and gives me a straight grin. I hope one day to hear him say I love you with his voice.

storkFrom -katt- ~ Don't have anything to add except have ya'll written these things down for your kids to read later . . . perhaps when they are being bratty teens??? It would be meaningful to both you and your children.

storkFrom robinack33 ~ I cannot express with written words my love for Brett. I love his sweet smelling breathe, his big eyes, always yearning to see something exciting and new. I love when brett looks at me and says MAMA. This is his first word and I am so happy! I love how he sits in the bath tub and kicks his little feet back and forth so he makes waves and then kicks real hard so both mommy and daddy have taken baths with him. I love how he gives me hugs, smiles when I wake up next to him, his sweet smell, I love to kiss the soles of his feet and listen to him giggle. I love how he grabs a ball and bangs on it going "bababababa".

I love how he looks at me lovingly, reassuring me that I am doing a good job.

storkFrom neza ~ The most wonderful thing about my little girl is that she is simply MINE. I went through many years of infertility and disappointment before she came.

I am often tired from meeting her "mommy needs" but it is the most blessed tired. It's the bestest job I ever had!!!

storkFrom LisaJo ~ Things I am enjoying about Natalie (11 months) right now:

* She is wonderfully curious and gives me the cutest devilish looks when she is "up" to something.

* She loves playing peek-a-boo where she covers her own face with a blanket, clean diaper or towel. Those sparkly brown eyes peering out at me are to-die-for!

* I love watching her become more confident and coordinated. In the last few days she has started standing without support for 5-10 seconds at a time.

* She LOVES being read to and has these cute little rituals she does with her favorite book (I Spy Little Bunnies). On this page she pats the bunny cloud, on that page she kisses the bunny's nose etc. Adorable!

* She is really into facial parts now, and loves to touch (poke) my eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

* It is fun watching her language start to develop. Just today she did the sign for "hear" and said the word "dog" when the neighbors dogs were barking. Yay!

* I love that she has discovered how wonderful Daddy is! She squeals and holds out her arms for him when he comes home.

* I love that Mama is her best "comfort" item. This girl accepts no substitutes! Overwhelming sometimes, but delightful to know that I bring such joy to my daughter's life. Just little 'ol me, but she thinks I am the best.

I'll sneak a few in for Corey too:

* He is an avid reader like his mama. It makes me so happy to know the joy he will get from books throughout his life.

* He is a fabulous big brother and Natalie adores him.

* He is a sweet, polite and compassionate boy.

* He is the most gorgeous kid I know!

storkFrom CJ ~ My sweet Robert - He LOVES to assist me in cleaning the kitchen cupboards daily. He is also applying for the official position of cupboard and door open/closer in our house - a job at which he excels. Followed close second to the official VCR turner on and offer.

My dog has discovered karma and is now being repaid for all of the times when he lavished unwanted attention on me as Robert has decided that the dog is his new best friend. He loves to share and hand things to me when he discovers them. He has the best smile on Earth.

storkFrom Flatfork ~ I love to watch my two children together playing. Emily is a great, loving, gentle, forgiving big sister.

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