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Attachment Parenting

Open Letter to Family and Friends
by Toni
Dear Family and Friends,

During our recent visit, many of you expressed some concerns about my parenting and Evelyn's future development. I will try to answer them here.

  1. My baby, my rules.

  2. She is 5 months, not 50 years. She is incapable of the complex thinking it requires to maliciously manipulate me. If she can do it to you, then you are not too bright.

  3. She likes to be held. I like to hold her. It works for us.

  4. Yes, we co-sleep. We aren't losing any sleep over it, why are you?

  5. She is still breastfeeding exclusively so no you can't feed her any food. Please refer to point #1.

  6. She is very attached to Mommy. I don't see it as a problem but a blessing.

  7. She cries. I pick her up. She stops. Where is the problem?

  8. Yes, she is 20 lbs at nearly 6 months. Obviously she is not starving. See point #5.

  9. She doesn't like to wear shoes or socks. She can't walk so why make her?

  10. She is a living human being with feelings that need to be respected. If she doesn't want you to hold her, I won't force her.

Any other problems or questions regarding my parenting, refer to #1.

Toni and Evie


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