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Attachment Parenting

StorkNet's Guide to Slings
It may be a simple piece of fabric, but for many moms the sling can be a confusing and complicated piece of equipment! If you are having trouble figuring out how to wear yours, try the following guide, featuring real-life Storkies wearing their little ones, who vary in age from just two days to almost two years old.

Please be patient for the pictures to load.

Cradle Hold:
Slings can be used starting the day your baby is born! Here is a picture of Angela holding her two-day old daughter in a home-made sling. Angela


One-week old Emmett with his father Mark
A close-up of Emmett.
Heather and Emmett


Lynn holding 2 month old Alaina in a Maya wrap.
Snuggle Hold:
If your baby doesn't like having her face covered, you can try the snuggle hold, as demonstrated by Vicki and Emily, who are using a Maya wrap.


Cathi and 6 week old Shea in an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder.
Amy and Ian, 16 months old.


Celia even manages to play the clarinet while Fox sleeps in his sling!
Kangaroo Carry:
Another great position for older infants is the Kangaroo carry, which allows them to look out at the world around them. Jeannine and Iliana (5 months) are happily using a Maya wrap in this position.


Jackie and Carter (3.5 months) are also wearing a Maya wrap in the kangaroo carry.
Janessa and four-month old Ford in a Nojo sling.



If you've been wondering why we call it the "kangaroo carry," Jeannine and Iliana should make it all clear!
Hip Carry
Once your baby has mastered head control, you may find you both prefer the hip carry. Lolly and Elliot have mastered this position. The kitten is optional.


This position is ideal for toddlers, like Paige's daughter Brigid, 21 months.
Jen and Kylie in their Maya wrap.
JenB and Kylie

Removing the Sling
And when your little one has drifted off to sleep, simply lay them down, loosen the sling and slip it over your head.


Jackie's son Carter, sleeping in his Maya.
Susan's daughter Susanna (18 months), sleeping on her OTSBH.

You just may find that your baby needs a sling of her own!

Johanna's 2 year old daughter Emily carrying her doll in a child-size sling.
Jen's daughter Kylie uses a
home-made sling.


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