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Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting Testimonials
Who Knew?
by Nicole

Ah, the love of being a parent! It's currently 5:16 am and my beautiful little dragon is WIDE awake . . . LOL (7 weeks old this Thursday). I've been lurking on this board especially since I had Ethan; I never knew I'd be on THIS board. Who Knew? I had this plan you see . . . Baby was going to sleep in a bassinet for the first couple of weeks next to the bed and be moved to his crib. Then, we were going to be on a quasi schedule of breast feeding (ie. I determine when he's hungry . . . LOL). You see, BC (that's 'before children') I knew ALL about how to raise children. What's right, what's wrong, don't spoil your baby, don't do this, I could do that SOOO much better . . . giggle giggle giggle. Then I birthed Ethan. Guess what? He sleeps right next to me, at my breast, as God intended. He drinks at my breast, when he's hungry, as often as he likes, as God intended . . . and as God intended, I'm a eating my words.

I'm not a 'Granola' type of parent, not me or my style. I'm a pretty aggressive opinionated chic who uses the swings, the bouncy chair etc etc. I've had a glass or two of red wine since baby. I don't believe in 'not eating' all the list of foods that you're not supposed to (because they think it may affect certain things) but that's me. What I am is a woman who's in love with her baby who believes that every cry he has is telling me something. Mommy I'm hungry. Mommy my diaper needs a change. Mommy I want to be held. I'm that woman who NOW believes that my baby shouldn't HAVE to cry and that I WANT to attend to his EVERY need . . . and I do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having him next to me at night, and frankly, the thought of him actually ever going into his crib scares ME. I can't imagine him waking up all alone, surrounded by bars, having to cry in order to be fed. Yuck. I can't imagine a time when my child takes a bottle - even if it's filled with my breast milk (and it will probably have to happen at some point, ie. maybe I'm sick or something). I'll be jealous to know he's drinking from something other than me. I LOVE knowing that in the night, Ethan doesn't have to even open his eyes to quench his thirst or his need for touch. I love (even if I'm sleep deprived) knowing that my baby will never ever have to cry and cry and cry based on some idiot's belief that he SHOULD be able to just 'cry it out'. I love knowing that I have a nursery that's never been used and I love having a husband who's wondering if he'll ever have his bed back or should he go out and buy a king size bed because his wife ain't planning on removing her child til the child is ready to be on his own.

To women who parent like this I commend you on following what has to be the most natural way to parent ever. I don't understand how it could be done otherwise without harming your child. It's instinct . . . protect and love your young.

Anyway, I thought I'd share. Until I had my son . . . honestly, I had no idea. I was scared that I'd not know how to parent. I'm not sure that I do now, but I do know that my baby as much as is humanly possible will never want or have to cry excessively to have a need met, and I love fulfilling those needs. Why else would you have a child?


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