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Baby Showers

Welcome to StorkNet's Baby Showers Cubby!

What's New
     º Celebrating The Birth of a Baby: Past and Present
When women want to celebrate the birth of a baby, they'll throw the expectant mother a baby shower. Yet, many of these women have no idea how the tradition of this event came about. They have no idea that in one point in history, it was taboo to be pregnant in public. Times have certainly changed. Learn more about the history of baby showers from Kimberly Aardal.
     º Baby Shower Decorations
A new arrival is on the way and he or she should be welcomed in style! This is where you enter - Baby Shower Planner Extraordinaire! If you're worried about taking this on, with the following tips your shower will be the talk of the town.
     º Baby Shower Etiquette
We have three new etiquette questions and answers for you this month: dad wants to attend shower, is food required at a shower, and chintzy menu for co-worker. Check out these, and our previous, questions and feel free to submit your own.

Hot Topic Thread
     º Couples Showers
Have you enjoyed couple showers or showers with just women more? What are the pros and cons? Share your thoughts. We want to hear from you!
     º Favorite & Not-so-Favorite Shower Gifts
Let's add to the favorite and "not-so" favorite baby shower gifts posted in our cubby. Email your thoughts here.

Featured Article
     º Baby Shower Games . . . the Good, the Bad, and the Ugh!
Games can make or break a shower. The best can break the ice and liven up the party. The worst can bore and embarrass. So, how can you avoid this? Author Amy Dilling shows you how with these shower games tips.

     º Wondering what etiquette rules there are for baby showers? Check out our baby shower faq and catch up on our etiquette questions and answers. Click here for our answers!

And Don't Forget
     º Start your planning with our Baby Shower FAQ.



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