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Baby Showers

Baby Shower Themes ~ a message board archive

In your own experiences, have you found that it is better to have a theme for a shower, or stay away from such an idea? Are themes archaic in the 21st century?

diaper pinFrom Isis ~ We once went to a couples' shower and were asked to bring something to make the first six weeks home easier for mom and dad. People brought diapers, food, promises of a meal delivery, homemade gift certificates for x number of hours playtime with older kids as well as one for a few hours of errand running, a cleaning service for a day, a gift certificate for a massage, and lots of other really creative ideas. It was the best shower ever and our friends felt very pampered!

diaper pinFrom Blue Eyes ~ I had a theme for my shower and I thought it made things easier especially for color coordinating purposes.

diaper pinFrom Geannie ~ The theme for my shower was a "Fall Tea" baby shower. It was nice to have an afternoon tea party/baby shower. It was very tasteful and fun. Plus, there were tons of yummy teas and finger foods to go with the beautiful fall colors. So no, I don't think themes are archaic at all.

diaper pinFrom hedra ~ Themes are one way to make things run more smoothly, I think - especially if the parents already have other resources, like borrowed baby clothes from family. I don't think they are NECESSARY, but I haven't found that they are bad at all.

diaper pinFrom McKenna ~ I just had my baby shower thrown for me a week ago and it was awesome! My best friend and her mom did everything, I didn't even lift a finger. I am having a boy so I really wanted to have a girly baby shower, something that was my style since I will be surrounded by nothing but race cars and blue when he comes. So my shower was held in a little cafe and all the tables were decorated with pink and green high heels that had fake flowers planted in them. It was so cute, everyone said it looked like an English Tea Party. There was also a little stage area with a big comfy chair for me to sit in while I opened up the gifts. There was also really cute bath products for favors, the tag on them said from McKennas shower to yours! Over all it was a big hit, and I still have people telling me it was the best shower they had ever been to. So I think its better to theme the party around the mom, technically the party is for baby, but baby is not here yet, so let mom have a day! That's all about her!!

diaper pinFrom Lulu ~ I guess I'll be the lone dissenter here but I think themes are hokey. Actually, I think baby showers themselves are what's archaic. It's like waving a flag at yourself begging for gifts.

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