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Baby Showers

How to Plan a Baby Shower 101 (Part 2)

All of the preliminaries have been taken care of. Guests have been invited, a location, theme, and menu have been planned - so what's left? Besides the actual food itself, there are a number of little things that can make or break a traditional shower. Name tags, a guest book, cameras/film, favors, and gifts for game winners should all be acquired. It helps to have a checklist to keep track of all of the small shower details and who is responsible for what. It also helps to keep a master guest list with full names and addresses in one spot to help the mom-to-be with thank-you cards and birth announcements.

The Baby Shower
The host of the shower is typically responsible for the set-up on baby shower day, but she/he often enlists the aid of a few friends or family members. If the shower is not held in the home of the parents-to-be and if the nursery is already set-up, the guest may enjoy seeing photographs of the room. The hosts could mount photos on poster board, mount photos of the room in a album designated for the shower (with photos of the festivities to be added later), or even videotape the room so guests can get a sneak peek.

Almost every shower has them. While they are often a source of eye-rolling, yawns and loud groans - baby shower games can also be quite fun! There are a number of books and websites devoted specifically to a wide assortment of baby shower games that are not boring and predictable. Better yet, make up some of your own games using favorite games as a basis. But if the tried and true are for you - try word scrambles, determining who can make up the most words from the new baby's name, and perhaps even an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt.

The parents-to-be will want every moment captured for their special albums. Make sure there are at least three cameras available. It's Murphy's Law that at least one camera will not be working properly on the Big Day, so be prepared. If possible ask someone to bring a camcorder. There's typically always something that gets missed with a camera that someone recording may manage to capture. Besides, the mom-to-be will have footage of who gave which gift which will take all of the guesswork out of who gave which gift and make thank-yous much easier.

Web Cam/Speakerphone
While it would be wonderful for everyone to be able to attend the festivities, with a little pre-planning and ingenuity, technology makes it easier for invited guests to participate no matter where they are! Web cams, speakerphones and conference calls can make it possible for most guests to "be" at the shower without leaving their homes. Simply make arrangements in advance. If secrecy can be maintained, it makes for a wonderful little "surprise" for the parents-to-be.

Special Considerations
The baby shower is the opportunity for friends and relatives to shower the mom/parents-to-be wit gifts for their new family addition, but it's also a day to cater to the mom-to-be. So be extra mindful of her preferences, what will make her comfortable and even her food choices.

Every mom wants to remember her baby shower with fondness. A little advance planning and care can make the day remarkable for everyone involved.

How to Plan a Baby Shower 101

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