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Baby Showers

Baby Shower Activities ~ a member survey

If you're planning a baby shower, here are some wonderful ideas from our expert moms . . .

diaper pinFrom Alecia . . . We played "How big is your Belly?" where the mother-to-be stands for all to see her new figure. Each person cuts a piece of string that they believe is the distance around the biggest part of her belly. The closest person wins. We also played "Dirty Diaper" where six disposable diapers are used. Inside of each, a melted candy bar is placed. Each person has to write down which candy bar they believe is in each diaper. The person with the most correct wins. And finally, we played the clothespin game. A word, usually "baby" is selected that no one is allowed to say. Each person is given 5 clothespins. Each time someone says the word, the first person who notices gets to take one of the clothespins from the person who said the word. At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothespins wins!!

diaper pinFrom Grandma 0 . . . I did what I think of as a fun, interactive, and memorable activity at my daughter's recent baby shower. I had guests sign and decorate a white baby towel and in addition, each guest decorated a white baby washcloth. I used fabric pens for this project. The result was a beautiful baby towel, with memories of who attended the shower, and a supply of indivudually decorated baby washcloths. The activity allowed all guests to interact, visit, and be creative. Everyone was a winner in this activity.

diaper pinFrom Jennifer . . . My hostess had everyone who attended write their best parenting advice on cute memo card decorated with baby stickers. Then she placed them all in a basket and I had to pull one out at a time to read. Whoseever card I read would get to hand me their gift. It was fun, interactive and my friends got to dole out some hilarious parenting tips! One of the last things she made sure to do for me on "my day" was to have all the guests address their own thank you note. At the end of the shower my friend handed me the envelopes back, with postage already attached, and a stack of adorable thank you notes!

diaper pinFrom Erica . . . I had a baby shower that was just so much fun. We played all these different games. One of the games that stood out was when there were partners of two, they were given a roll of toilet paper. The object of the game was to see who could diaper the other partner the quickest with the toilet paper. Everyone got a huge kick over it.

diaper pinFrom Nicole . . .I read someone else's idea of baby bingo, and I wanted to mention an alternative. Make up the blank bingo cards and let the guests fill them in with baby items--then, instead of drawing slips of paper from a hat (or whatever), let the mother-to-be open her gifts. As she opens them, mark the items she receives on the bingo cards. This is a fun way to keep everyone interested when the guest of honor is opening her gifts.

diaper pinFrom ksp . . . When I host a baby shower for a friend, my main goal is to give the mom-to-be as much stuff as possible. To that end, here are the games that I usually do:

  1. The baby food game - buy eight jars of baby food, preferably in matching colors (two green, two light orange, two dark orange, etc.) Write a number (1 - 8) on the tops in permanent marker, taking note of what flavor is what number, and remove the labels carefully (so that they can later be re-attached). I call the game 'You are what you eat'. Guests have to guess what the flavors are . . . WITHOUT opening the jars to taste or smell.
  2. The memory game: just pile a bunch of baby items on a pretty tray (or cover a not-so-pretty tray with a baby blanket or towel) and put it in a central location. Guests have 5 minutes or so to try to memorize all of the items, then you take the tray away and they have to write them all down.
  3. The diaper bag game (my personal favorite) - buy the mom's diaper bag and fill it up. The last two that I did had more than 17 items (let's see if I can remember them all: snacks for baby, spare outfit, spare Onesie, receiving blanket, washcloth, diapers, wipes, diaper rash lotion, toy, bottle, antibacterial hand cleanser, nursing pads, infant tylenol, infant Mylicon, hat, and burb cloth). The guests have to guess what's inside, without feeling it or opening it.
At the end of this shower, aside from all the gifts the mom-to-be gets, she also gets a stocked diaper bag, several jars of Stage 1 baby food, and a good collection of other baby odds 'n' ends.

diaper pinFrom Bellasmama . . . At my shower, the hostess passed out sheets of heavy paper that she had decorated with baby related stamps and drawn several lines on. She told everyone to write their name on the paper and then write down some "baby advice." Once everyone was finished she collected them, added a cover, punched holes in it and tied it together with some gros grain ribbon. Then she handed it to me to read every entry aloud. It was very entertaining, as many of the entries are funny and touching. And it is a nice keepsake. There is tons of room for creativity on this one. Also as I was opening the gifts for my baby, one of the ladies wrote down everything I said (this was done secretly). Then after all of the presents were opened, she announced what she had been doing, and she read the sentences aloud. It gave everyone a good chuckle.

diaper pin From Debbann . . . I read in a magazine that it's fun to have each guest bring her favorite childhood book.

diaper pin From Leigh . . . I recently went to shower where they had onesies laid out on a table (with cardboard inside them) and fabric paints for each person to decorate for the new baby. Of course this can turn out really bad if you have a bunch of people with no talent, but most can at least WRITE something on it. I drew a train. Thought that was really a cute idea. This shower was VERY nice as it was a fancy tea party. She had the fine china out . . . and took two tea cups and had flowers arranged inside them in the center. Fine linens . . . it was really nice to play grown up! We actually drank peach ice tea instead of hot tea. She had little ritzy looking sandwiches and fancy pastry desserts. It was a nice change.

diaper pin From Voneda . . . One of my favorite games for a baby shower is the delivery of an ice baby. You buy the little babies that are cake decorations, and freeze them in an ice cube. When everyone arrives at the shower, give everyone an ice baby in a cup, and no one is allowed to touch the cup, or anything; It's just left to sit, and melt. The first one that is "delivered" (melts) wins a prize. They must yell out "It's a girl", or "It's a boy!"

diaper pin From Elaine . . . Here is an idea for a unique baby shower . . . Diaper Dinner - This isn't EXACTLY a traditional shower idea, but I once attended a dinner in honor of an expectant couple, to which admission was stated on the invitation as ONE PACKAGE OF DISPOSABLE DIAPERS.

The hostess prepared a simple meal. I think it was a green salad, spaghetti, italian bread, and a purchased dessert. And things were kept very casual. But we had the MOST fun! Each couple brought a package of diapers, but many also brought other diapering stuff such as wipes, ointment, etc. AND many of the guests also brought additional shower gifts. Diapers are an absolute NECESSITY!!! And you can NEVER have too many, even if you get all one size. They CAN be exchanged if needed! (Of course this might NOT be a great idea for someone who plans to only use cloth diapers.)

For after dinner entertainment, the hostess divided the couples into two teams. She then had the women blindfold the men (one from each team) and had them go across the room, change a baby (a doll), complete with wipes, and powder and bring it back to the mom for 'feeding'. It was fun watching the men stumble around blindly! They really got into the act, 'stealing' one another's baby's, imitating crying, powdering one another! When one guy finished, the next guy from his team was blindfolded; it worked like a relay.

But turn about is fair play. The next 'game' consisted of having all the women line up on one side of the room and place an onion between their legs (just above the knees). Each was given a card with instructions to get something from the room (a particular book from a shelf, a coin from the floor, etc.) and place it in a laundry basket that was placed in the center of the room . . . without dropping the onion. (This caused us all to WADDLE like a pregnant woman. An orange works okay, but is less slippery and therefore would cause less difficulty). This sounds REALLY dumb as I read back over it, but it really was funny to watch!

Later that night, the diapers and other gifts were loaded into the laundry basket for the new parents to take home, and the hostess had given 'prizes' for the games that were baby items so the winners gave those to the couple also.

This was a silly, rowdy casual kind of party with wine for those who indulge and perhaps not the quiet, genteel atmosphere that many people expect at a women only baby shower. But, it suited our circle of friends, and it helped make the dad feel included!

Have you given or received a great baby shower? Share with us! Click here to send us your ideas.

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