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Baby Showers

Bedrest Does NOT Have to Mean No Baby Shower!

That's right! If the mom-to-be is ordered on bedrest, as long as it's okay with her (and her doctor), throw the baby shower anyway.

Let's face it; unless it's very late in the pregnancy, or she's an organizing maven (ala Martha Stewart), bedrest has probably thrown a serious monkey-wrench in her nesting plans. Now's your time to put on your red cape and "save the day" and provide an exceptional double-duty job - to provide her with the company of friends and loved ones, while taking care of the odds and ends for baby that she's not able to.

Moms-to-be need pampering, it's an unwritten law that should be shouted from the rooftops. In the grand scheme of things, the time spent being pregnant is very fleeting. Although, during the last trimester it may seem like it's been forever; the total time when mom-to-be can be doted on is rather brief, then all of the attention will be focused on the new addition. When stuck at home on bed rest this just adds insult to injury. Thus, moms who have be ordered to bed need extra special pampering. Her baby shower is a wonderful way to make sure she gets this.

Many moms who are unexpectedly put on bedrest have been caught unprepared for baby. Unable to shop, launder, decorate or assemble, this leaves much room for a creative baby shower planner in which to operate. Begin by determining the rules of bed rest. Can mom be moved to a different location in the home, or must she stay in bed? Also, talk to mom and ask how comfortable she is with the idea of entertaining while resting. Some moms may not want to be seen while being "laid up." Next, determine the type of shower that will best help mom while working for the space allotted.

If the mom-to-be can relocate from the bedroom to a comfortable location in the living room or another area, then have the shower there. She might feel a bit more social outside of her bedroom and the space will probably be more accommodating for her guests, the gifts, and the festivities.

If mom "must" stay in bed, then the shower will have to come to her. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is the bedroom shower. Simply make the bedroom the focus, and dress it and her up for the shower. Purchase comfortable, fun, or elegant bedding, select matching pajamas or nightgown, perhaps, couple it with an old fashioned bed jacket and decorate the room in the shower theme. Pay careful attention to the amount of space in the bedroom and invite the appropriate number of guests accordingly. The second is an online or virtual shower by way of web cam. If mom is not comfortable with guests, or have a room that is too small to accommodate them, a virtual shower could be just the ticket. The cool thing about the virtual shower is the location could be near, (downstairs in a larger room) or at a completely different location - like a hall or friends' home. The beauty of having a cam set up for mom from another location within her home is that the size of the bedroom becomes less of an issue and there's more room if larger gifts are given. The guests could even be upstairs with mom while dad, grandma, or a close friend is unveiling the gifts from below. If a remote location is used (a shower has already been planned and cannot be moved or rescheduled) a virtual cam is a wonderful way for mom-to-be to feel as though she hasn't missed out. Just remember to make sure she has some smaller gifts to open at home, along with some of the divine goodies that are being served.

Now that the where has been determined, how about the fun! The baby shower is an opportunity for the Mom-to-be to be showered with gifts, but for a bedresting mom a little fun and levity will go a long way. There's nothing more personal and intimate than a "bed." She's supplying the ambiance, so, it's up to you to supply the rest. Relaxing candles, soothing music and even company outfitted in comfortable bed clothes (fun PJ's like Dr. Denton's) can help put a mom-to-be at ease. Suspend the tradition of shower games and give each other manicures, pedicures, and facials while dishing a bit.

With you all being at her home already, why not help her get the show on the road and get the nursery together. This could be as easy as laundering the new items in baby detergent as soon as the gifts are opened and putting them away, or assembling items like cribs and swings, to painting the nursery and then helping decorate and unpack on a different day. Guaranteed, anything that helps her prepare for baby will be greatly appreciated.

Remember, bedrest does not automatically mean the baby shower idea has to be abandoned, just that you may have to be more creative in the planning process. Just keep in mind doctor's orders, mom's comfort, and the goals at hand - which are to help mom get the home/nursery outfitted and to make her feel good.

Visit our Bedrest Support area for more tips and suggestions.

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