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Baby Showers

StorkNet Cafe Contest ~ most original, fun and interesting baby shower ideas

The StorkNet Cafe held a contest for the most original, fun and interesting baby shower ideas. The winning entries were:


Here is my very favorite Baby Shower favor, but it can only be used for a shower before the baby is born! My friend hosted my baby shower and surprised me and all of the guests with these special favors . . . Take a small (empty and clean) baby food jar and put a pink or blue or yellow (if sex isn't known yet) votive candle inside the jar. Tie a pink, blue or yellow ribbon around the top of the jar. On the outside of the jar, glue a label (that you can create on your computer) with the following saying:

Here is a candle for you to light,
once the stork has made it's flight.
The flame will glow to celebrate,
Baby Smith's arrival date.

The hostess at my shower asked everyone to light their candle and say a prayer for the baby and me once the baby was born.

It was such a special moment at my shower and it brings back warm memories whenever I look at the candle! It is in my dd's baby box to save for her.


I thought this was a really neat idea. It wasn't a game or favor but a gift. A few of the ladies got together and got a big laundry basket. In it was a big long clothes line and pinned to it (they pulled it out to stretch across the room) were outfits, diapers, bibs, etc. I thought it was a great gift; it had a bit of everything and something to carry it in!

Congratulations to MelissaW and pamiam!

These are the rest of entries!

devila ~ My favorite invites are whatever invites you want (I like to write it on a blown up balloon, then let it deflate ~ so they have to blow it up to get the info) then tuck it in a little plastic baby bottle and mail the bottle!

Same thing for favors ~ baby bottles filled with jelly bellys or candies. Or get those nylon sponges that have animals attached to them.

For prizes: candles, soaps, lotions, gift certificates.

For games: Take several different kinds of candy bars, break off a piece and put it into a diaper. Melt it a bit in the microwave and mush it around until you can't tell what it was. To play, give everyone pencil and paper and pass around the diapers. You can only smell and look at them to try to figure out what candy bar they are. The person with the most answers correct wins.

Make little diapers out of card stock, inside one of them put a brown pen smudge. Then mix them up and write names on the outside. At the end of the party, everyone opens their "diaper" and the person with the "poopy" one gets a prize.

KTSWILL ~ For my favors we are buying a small box of matches and a blue votive candle wrapped in cellophane and a bow with a tag that reads:

Let's celebrate together
me entering this earth
When you get the word of my birth
Light this candle in the hour
and thanks so much for coming to my shower

Lisa Jo ~ I attended a shower once that had a really fun twist on a standard theme. Everyone loved it! One of the two co-hosts came out with the usual tray of baby goodies for the standard memory game. We were all sitting in a circle and she circulated for about a minute holding the tray for everyone to see. Then she left the room and everyone began scribbling items furiously. The other co-host stood up and said, "Ok now you have to describe everything you can remember about what Evelyn was wearing, head to toe!" Everyone groaned and laughed, because none of us had paid any attention to her.

hollym ~ Here is a really neat idea that gets lots of people involved. A girl I teach with was expecting her first child last December. Most of us who work with her love to sew and quilt. One of the teachers found a really cute alphabet quilt pattern. Each square had a letter of the alphabet on it and a picture of an object that started with that letter. It also had numbers too. Each teacher chose a square and embroidered it according to her own taste. Since the quilt was actually going to be a wall hanging, we attached (with pastel rick rack) little items like rattles and toys. The girl had absolutely no idea what we were doing, and the kids loved keeping the secret. We teach at a junior high with about 1200 kids. Everyone but the mom-to-be knew what was going on. We even embroidered in class sometimes. Everyone had to have their squares done by a certain date, and then a few of the teachers got together and pieced it over a weekend. One of the girl's students wrote a poem about the quilt and each person who quilted a square. We had all signed our names to our squares, so the mom-to-be knew who was involved. When we had her shower, the quilt was displayed so it would be the first thing she and her dh would see as they entered the room. Then the student read her poem to all of us. It was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen at a baby shower.

catkrazy99 ~ I made a scrapbook album for my SIL's surprise shower. I took blank scrapbook pages and had everyone write their well wishes (without her knowing it) for the new baby to be and included it in the scrapbook. I delivered the scrapbook to her while she was still in the hospital. She had been asking for copies of the shower pictures for weeks and we kept putting her off by saying that we had not developed them yet. Not only was the shower a surprise, but the book given to her in the hospital was as well.

Shelley Cates ~ Every time I throw a baby shower, I make all tiny sized foods. Baby veggies in dip, mini bagel pizzas, tiny tacos, tiny quiche, petit fours cakes, etc. It's easy; you can find a lot of tiny sized ready made products at Sam's club, the petit fours are from the bakery, and it is so, so cute. skm ~ The game is called "I have never..." Everyone gets a certain number of pennies. (I think we had 10) Then one by one each person tells something they have never done before. Everyone one else who HAS done that thing gives the teller a penny. At the end of the game the person with the most pennies wins - they are the "least experienced". You also give a prize to the one with the fewest pennies since they must be the "most experienced". The idea is to think of something you've never done that probably everyone else in the room has done. That way you get more pennies. For example, what I said was "I have never ridden a horse." Since most or all of the people there had grown up or lived in the country, I figured everyone else HAD ridden a horse at some time. I got a penny from everyone there which raised my count at the end of the game. Maybe for a baby shower you could decide all responses have to be baby, baby-sitting, pregnancy related.

Jpherv ~ For my sister's shower we did a frog theme. I had a friend of mine drive 4 hours to come and help me set up. On the tables we had large fish bowls with river rock in the bottom, live small frogs, a daisy that was cut real close to the end to look like a flower on a lily pad, along with a green leaf that was sort of shaped like a lily pad. We ordered these hugh mylar balloons from a party site that were frog shaped and had those blown up.

As for favors we printed little boxes with the frog from Hello Kitty on it, Keropi. Also ordered these frog shaped chocolates from a website. They were foil wrapped and really cute. We found frog shaped gummies that we put in tule circles with green and pink ribbon.

I have never made an actual cake for an important event before. So for some reason I thought this was the time. I ended up getting a sheet cake made at the local grocery store with only blue gel icing on it. It was supposed to look like water. I then took half of a soccer ball cake pan and made a cake. I turned the cake over onto the blue gel and iced it. I then piped it with little green star tips all over it. I added vanilla wafers to the top of the round cake for eyes. Iced those and used black for the pupils. I bought a fruit by the foot and forked the end of it. I poked a hole in the cake by the mouth and made it like a tongue. We then had to make a baby frog so we went out in this small town of ours to find hostess snowballs. Deciding that would be perfect for the other frog. Of course we couldn't find anything and had to go over to the next town, twenty minutes away!! We finally got a hold of the snowball and turned it flat side down, piped it with green star tips and used cremesaver candies iced with black piping for the eyes. Stuck a few of the leaves and daisies that were in the centerpieces on the cake and it was beautiful. My sister couldn't believe that I did it. I was so proud.

We ended up doing the shower at Sizzler restaurant. They have a banquet room. It was the best idea we had. We were only charged for the people that came, they had three choices, chicken, steak or salad bar. The drink and tip was all included in the price. It was so reasonable that we couldn't pass it up. We gave $10 gift certificates for prizes. Had them from Fridays, a department store, Olive Garden, and a large chain gas station. I hate the prizes you usually receive at showers, so we decided to make them something people could use. As for games we played the usual scramble words, story that you go around the room and each person fills in a blank. Like Mad libs from way back, diaper and candy bar game and I think that was all. We had so much fun and I am sure that the guests did too.

NicsMom ~ I watch A Baby Story on TLC too much but here's some really neat ideas to share. On several of the stories I've seen where they have a couple's baby shower and some of the activities are for the men to see how much they know about raising babies:

  1. Baby bottles filled with juice and all the guys have to guzzle it to see who is the fastest sucker. Prize is a bottle filled with beer, or anything else you want it to be! LOL

  2. Baby food tasted by all the men who are blindfolded, or if all guests are involved the labels are removed and the shower hosts have everyone try the food. Anyone who answers incorrectly has to eat the whole jar of baby food! Prizes are optional with this game.

  3. Diapering and powdering the baby contest for Daddy to be and men guests, even those with children have to participate.

  4. Assembling car seat/stroller combos with a doll baby strapped in. Make it known that the doll still has feelings!!! The quickest time gets a prize.

  5. A little pacifier charm on the end of a ribbon given to each guest as they arrive, including the expectant couple, children, hosts etc. No one can say the word BABY. If you are caught using the word BABY, your ribbon is taken away by the first person who heard you say it. The guest with the most ribbons at the end of the shower, wins a prize.

  6. Have each guest bring an extra gift (small item recommended) for Daddy-to-be and the host of the shower will then place them in large gift bag to present to him at the close of the party (usually after the main gifts are opened). He opens this with Mommy-to-be at home or in presence of close family or friends.
OK, and here is my original idea, just came to me now, and my DD got something similar as a gift for her christening a few days ago:

Make a decorative scrapbook with blank spaces on each page (have as many pages as how many guests you are having, plus a few extra titled Blessing from Mommy, Blessing from Daddy, full name with birth stats page, and Blessings from Grandparents, etc.), include all kinds of baby stickers on the pages, add anything to do with children or school etc. Title each page "Blessings for Mommy and Daddy to be", then punch holes in the side of each sheet and attach the book pages together with cute ribbons. Have each guest pick a page to write on and include their unique blessing to the expectant couple. Present this scrapbook to the Mommy-to-be before she opens gifts, and ask her to read them with the Daddy-to-be once at home. She will love it!!!

mommytorres ~ At my shower we did a family centered shower with daddies and children welcome. We had a stork shaped pinata, pin the diaper on the baby, baby food testing (creamed spinach, squash, you know, the really yucky ones!) and a bottle drinking contest (yes, it was beer!). The bottle drinking contest was a hoot! One thing though, don't be surprised if someone bites the nipple off to drink it faster!

Food: cupcakes with pink and blue icing. 'Baby' veggies. Pink and blue punch (2 separate bowls).

Favors and prizes: coupons for a free oil change and brake inspection (safety first!), a massage set, a bath set, coloring books, bottles filled with either pink or blue bath salts, 'brag books' with a copy of an ultrasound picture to start.

It was really nice to have everyone there, instead of just women. No matter what you do, just have fun and take pictures!

djk42 ~ Something I just did for a shower was making prayer cards. I got the basic idea from a blessingways website and customized it. I asked the mom and dad to make a list of 20 traits they would most like to see in their child, then I hand wrote them on the bottom of the following message (printed on card stock, cut out, and hand stamped with baby feet in the colors from their wedding):

Hi, my name is *** *** *** and I can't wait to come out and meet you!

The doctors expect me to be born around *** *th, so could you please pray for my mommy that week? Well, my daddy and the doctor too while you are at it.

My parents would really appreciate it if you would join them in prayer as they try to instill the following trait in me and raise me to be the best I can be.

Thanks, Baby

We then put these on the table and told the guest to pick which trait they would most like to pray for. We also had printed sheets of paper for them to write parenting tips on that matched the invitations (my other sister in law did this). We also made sure to serve both strawberries and pickles.

TParker ~ This is a simple finger food to have at a shower. It is easy and guest love it!!!
  • Bread
  • Bacon bits
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lettuce
Toast the bread and cut it into four squares. Mix the bacon bits and mayonnaise and slice the cherry tomatoes in half. Spread a small amount of the mayonnaise and bacon bit mix onto the toasted squares, place a small piece of lettuce on top. Top it off with one half of the cherry tomato. You have a miniature BLT. It is an attractive dish as well on your table!!!!

NicoleE ~ I bought an adorable little piggy bank for the baby and brought it to the shower. Everyone was instructed to bring change. We took turns going around the room and completing the saying "I've never . . .", like "I've never flown on an airplane". Then, everyone who HAD flown on an airplane had to put change in the piggy bank. It was so much fun, and we ended up with over $42 in the piggy bank, for her "college fund".

TracyC ~ My favorite shower game was where we had everyone pick a partner, then we tied one contestant's right hand to the other's left hand with toilet paper. Then we gave each pair a naked baby doll, a diaper, socks, and an outfit and had them dress the baby using only their free hands. The first pair to completely dress the baby won. It was hilarious!

My favorite favors were ones I made for kids. I searched and found the candy rings shaped like pacifiers. (I thought the ring suckers would be cool for wedding showers.) I wrapped them up in colored cellophane and tied them with a ribbon.

For my sister's second baby, we had a diaper shower. We asked each guest to bring only a package of diapers as a gift. Some guests did bring other gifts also, but my sister ended up with a mountain of diapers--which is what she really needed.

Bridgett ~ One of the games I did when I threw a shower for my step sis was to play "guess the baby food." I tried to pick 2 easy ones and 2 hard ones. IF I remember right, the easy ones were Cherry Vanilla pudding and squash. The hard ones were Tahitian treat ( I think that's the name of it) and oatmeal cereal with bananas. I just took the labels off and spooned a dab of each one off onto everyone's plates. I think we had 2 out of 15 who got it right. So, I did a tie breaker with another flavor.

djk42 ~ I organized a cooking contest with the mom and dad-to-be as the judges. It is a playoff of the casserole shower idea (great for a mom with plenty of "stuff" but who needs the help or has friends who really want to do a shower). I gave everyone a throw away container (Gladware makes oven and freezer safe tossables) and a note with the contest rules. All items must be freezable and labeled well. Entries will be judged on: appearance, taste, ease of preparation and how much the kids eat! Prizes will be handed out at Christmas (assuming it takes that long for her to use them all up).

amym ~ I went to a shower where the hostess had made up a "MadLibs" about the guest of honor and her baby. The group provided the words, and then it was read aloud to the group. Everybody loved it and it was a great personalized game.

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