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Baby Showers

Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-La . . .Baby Shower?

It can't be helped! Babies come every day of the week, every month of the year and whether the holiday season is upon us or not! If you are planning a baby shower for a dear friend or loved one, the holidays can definitely throw a monkey-wrench in the plan if a little pre-planning is not followed. Busy schedules, slow cash flow and lack of babysitters can all wreak havoc with a regular baby shower - but not a holiday decked out baby shower! Stay tuned for a few tips for how to convert your baby shower into a holiday shower that will keep your mom-to-be joyous and her shower guests comfortable, relaxed and delightful!

Hand-delivered invitations are hard to resist! Especially when they're miniature tree ornaments with a gift tag providing the holiday shower details in shower colors, or nursery colors, or gaily wrapped packages stuffed with an invite and green, red, gold and silver holiday confetti! Despite busy schedules and previous commitments, a hand-delivered invitation is much harder to say no to than something that comes in the mail. A little extra legwork could be just the thing to deliver a successful holiday baby shower.

Online of course! If weather, travel, schedules, space and finances present a problem - why not throw an awesome holiday online baby shower? There's no limit on the number of attendees, guests can have gifts sent directly to the mom-to-be, guests can come and go as needed, there's no time limit and everyone can be included as long as they have computer access and not be left out of the festivities. In addition, packages cut planning down to a minimum. For more ideas about throwing an online shower, view this article.

Lots of fun games! What baby shower would be complete without games! Strategically place mistletoe around the room. Have a designated helper hand a kiss (Hershey's chocolate kisses) to each guest caught standing under the mistletoe. At the end of the shower have each guest count their kisses. The one with the most kisses will receive a suitable holiday-themed gift, perhaps a holiday platter, candy dish, candle, etc. Ask each guest to bring an appropriate number of holiday cookies (at least one for each guest, but seriously, one?) and create a panel of judges 4-5 guests at a time who have to identify the type of cookie. A favorite is making as many boy and girl names from each letter of the word HOLIDAYS as possible. In honor of the holidays, instead of guessing the diaper contents, how about gathering six baby food jars that have been frosted or blackened with paint and placing a variety of cookie ingredients in them. Each guest should guess the contents of each jar. The guest with the most correct guesses wins, though prizes could be given for second and third place too. If a tree is in place, guest gifts could be festively wrapped beneath the tree and selected at the conclusion of each win.

Invitations come in all shapes, sizes and holiday themes. With a little creativity you can design a unique holiday-themed baby shower invitation, complete with matching RSVP cards (if needed), thank you cards, place cards, and name tags, for a modest price. Candy canes, snow globes, gingerbread men, etc., can be fun and definitely will be memorable! Visit http://www.storknet.com/mall/holidays.htm for links to a few holiday invitation options.

Décor is the easiest way to make a location holiday appropriate. Garland, colored or white lights, ornaments, mistletoe, poinsettia plants or your favorite childhood holiday characters will morph any room into a holiday fest. Add a little snow for Winter Wonderland feel. A few strategically placed red/green light bulbs and candles with gold and silver will create enough holiday ambiance to get even the staunchest holiday hold-out in the mood. Check out some of the peel and stick online stores for even more wall decorating options! Oh, and don't forget the holiday tunes!

Awesome gift ideas for a holiday shower are for guests to bring a book of their favorite holiday story or a recording of their favorite holiday song/album to begin the new addition's collection. Guests could also bring a child appropriate ornament to start the collection of safe ornaments parents will have to deck the house in for the next few years, until glass ornaments can be safely introduced to the décor. Many new parents race around that first holiday season after baby starts moving around looking for items that won't break or aren't choking hazards; this is an awesome way to help them get started. Or perhaps baby's first holiday ornament, a set of non-breakable ornaments, stocking, hat, or set of onesies. Paint pens and fabric paint is a fantastic way to get all guests involved in the decorating. For guests, holiday candles, ornaments, holiday cookies/candy, holiday mugs with hot cocoa/mull cider/tea with spoons all ready to go, mini stockings, mini holiday frames and photo albums make fantastic holiday favors.

Yum-yums! Holidays are prime times for food sharing, and your holiday shower should not be remiss! Holiday cookies in every conceivable shape, sandwich cut-outs in holiday fashion, gingerbread, warm comfort foods like soup and stew for colder climes, and any other colorful and festive dishes you can think of. These luscious holiday goodies can be washed down with mulled cider, eggnog (none for the mom-to-be as it's made with raw eggs), and hot chocolate. Instead of a cake, create a holiday pie tier, or cookie tier! But eating should not be the only consideration. Pre-cut 4x6 cards and invite each guest to write down their favorite kid-friendly holiday recipe, or quick prep meal and present the mom-to-be with a 4x6 photo album complete with all of the recipes at the end of the shower.

Shopping for the shower does not have to be stressful. Given the time of year, hosts should provide guests with a little more advance warning and announce the intended holiday theme. Between online shopping, pre-holiday sales, and Black Friday, guests may be able to find just the perfect gift at a fraction of regular cost. When shopping for holiday themed clothing, remember to size it appropriately to baby's due date and the next holiday season. Who wants a Santa hat with the perfect fit in July? Also, don't be afraid to come bearing a card! Gift cards are the equivalent to gold for most new parents. That way when the commotion of the shower, the arrival and the first few weeks have died down , they can determine what else they may need and go out and get it with your gift card.

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